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stevegutzler x300How important is leadership in project management? Most, if not all, would answer in the affirmative, saying that it is indeed important. Many would describe the importance and a few might even try to quantify it. According to American journalist and author Vance Packard, leadership is “the art of getting others to want to do something one is convinced should be done.” If projects are planned and executed by people, then it is important that the one in charge is not only an efficient project manager, but also an effective leader. But how does the person become that leader?

Introducing Steve Gutzler

In February of this year, Steve Gutzler was included in a Huffington Post article that mentioned 34 names of individuals active in social media who are considered inspirational leaders. Steve is a graduate of LIFE Pacific College in Los Angeles. He holds a degree in education and theology. As a community leader, Steve has been asked to coach and be a consultant for professional athletes, business owners, and corporate executives. He helps them set personal and professional goals aligned with their core values and mission.

President of Leadership Quest

Steve Gutzler is the founder and president of Seattle, Washington-based Leadership Quest. It is a leadership development company that designs experiential learning journeys called Quests for leaders from all sectors. Quests are designed to enable leaders to explore their and their organization’s purpose. It helps people across all sectors, be it business, civil society, or government, in different countries to improve the quality and impact of their leadership. Quest programs include visits to enterprises, institutions, and communities interspersed with workshops and reflection sessions.

Executive Coach, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker

Microsoft, Salt Communications, Cisco, The Hotel Group, and Boeing are just some of the customers of Steve Gutzler and Leadership Quest. He has designed several coaching programs, training workshops, and speaking programs to help individuals and organizations to become successful. For example, he offers a One-on-one Executive Leadership Coaching to help senior leaders obtain clarity, focus, and inspiration through a 12-month personalized coaching session. There is also the My Vision Coach program, which is an online e-coaching program to help participants realize their true potential and live their vision.

Steve Gutzler offers training workshops designed to empower people to lead wherever they are in the organization. For instance, there is the Follow Along Team Building program of personal development for the team. It is composed of a half day or full day follow-along training in a two to four training days within a calendar year. Instead of a one and done approach, this unique training keeps the team focused and accountable.

Emotional Intelligence for extraordinary leadership is among the most requested topics from Steve Gutzler’s keynote speaking programs. He is passionate about the impact of how emotions come before thoughts, of how people feel before they think. A leader, therefore, not only conveys information to others, but also influences their moods, emotions, and attitudes. Other keynote presentations include transforming and revolutionizing sales relationships, discovering the art of innovation, and unleashing leaders at every level.

Author and Thought Leader

Steve Gutzler has written several e-books available in Kindle about the topics he is most passionate about. The e-book Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership is about the story of a young woman that Steve and Leadership Quest had coached. It provides in six chapters about six weeks of coaching insight related to a specific emotional intelligence aspect. On the other hand, The Two Minute Drill shows the correlation between the last two minutes of a football game and the critical moments in business and in life. It is about seven leadership principles that help people come out successful even when under pressure.

Making the Extraordinary Happen

Steve Gutzler believes that leadership is ultimately about creating a way or an environment for people to feel the emotion of contribution to make something extraordinary happen. It is more than just getting others to do something. Although project management is basically managing a movement from one state to another, it can nevertheless be an extraordinary change. If project managers want to go beyond managing constraints of schedule, budget, and scope, and would want to grow as a better leader, then Steve and Leadership Quest can show the way. The details are on his website. He is also present in the following social network sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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