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no more excuses book coverNo More Excuses: The Five Accountabilities for Personal and Organizational Growth is about changing one’s understanding of accountability. The word usually has a negative connotation. People associate it with many negative things such as responsibility, guilt, blame or consequence. Through this book, the author clearly explains to the reader how accountability can become a positive force that helps anyone achieve success and excellence, a trait that is worth pursuing and having rather than avoiding. And for project managers who are no stranger to being accountable for their projects, it may prove valuable.

Book Details

The book comes in hardcover, about 6” wide, 9” tall, and 0.8” thick. It has 224 pages and published on December 30, 2009 by Wiley, John and Sons, Inc. The front cover contains the title in large red-colored fonts mostly in a black background shaped like a callout. The back cover has several testimonials from senior executives and business leaders. ISBN-10: 0470531924; ISBN-13: 978-0470531921


$15.59 for the book version and $15.99 for the Kindle version


Target Audience

No More Excuses is for individuals and organizations who want to succeed for a change. It is for people who have realized that where they are at present is not where they want to be. It is for organizations that are working hard to be successful but cannot move forward because of the inability to get past certain roadblocks. It is for anyone who believes and has decided that something needs to be better managed but does not know where to start.

What Customers Say

Michael Domitrz (Amazon) recognizes Sam Silverstein’s expertise and thought-provoking concepts about accountability. Not only did he describe the accountability concepts as easy to follow, they also inspire the reader to become more successful.

A B&N customer praised the amount of material which includes examples from business leaders interviewed as well as Sam’s personal experiences. The customer goes on further that it should be a required reading in high school, which may address present problems resulting from a lack of accountability.

Steve Wehling (Goodreads) simply described it as his “favorite professional development book.”

Content, Approach, Style

No More Excuses is divided in two parts. The first part contains the first two chapters which discuss finding out whom each one is accountable to and finding out how expensive excuses are. The second part contains six chapters which include the five accountabilities discussed in a chapter of its own and about creating a culture of accountability on the last chapter.

Plain conversational language that is easy to grasp and apply was used. The five accountability principles are presented logically, beginning with intent in doing the right things, and then slowly moving and expanding outward the self to managing space, process, establishing the right expectations, and contributing to relationships. The pages have very readable fonts and regularly interspersed with famous quotes and real-life examples. Practical tips in how to apply the concepts in everyday life are given at the end of each section.

Why Buy the Book

No More Excuses is one of those books that invites and inspires the reader to look deep into core values and life principles to start and institute change. The author has promoted for years the principle of personal accountability and its benefits. Customers attest to its efficacy as shown by the exceptional results in their undertakings and bottom line. Project professionals as agents of change are constantly exposed to situations where they are given much responsibility and accountability. Perhaps understanding the five accountabilities can help them deliver projects on time and on budget without the need for excuses.

Books that Complement

Scott Berkun’s Making Things Happen is a favorite inspirational book that is not only enjoyable to read but also thought-provoking in its suggestions and recommendations.


sam silverstein photoSam Silverstein is a known business consultant, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, media personality and thought leader. Some of his clients which span internationally include Pfizer, Petronas of Malaysia, Prudential Insurance, TVS & Sons (India), Lucent Technologies and Singapore HR Congress. He is a passionate advocate of personal accountability as a competitive advantage. He is the President of Sam Silverstein Enterprises, Inc and the founder of Accountability Academy. He is helping individuals and organizations move toward goals and success by removing excuses and instead being accountable for one’s own choice, action and outcome.

$15.59 for the book version and $15.99 for the Kindle version


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