New on Wrike – Scheduled Report Reminders and Emojis

Wrike online project management software helps teams accomplish more with the right combination of features, insight and security. Teams, whether co-located or distributed, are able to communicate and achieve results with transparency and accountability. At any point in time, team members can collaborate and exchange information to do their jobs. Users of the Business and Enterprise versions share real-time interactive reports, allowing teams, executives and clients to gain insight into their projects and make informed decisions.

Agile Team Reports

Agile teams use Wrike to report the status of their projects. Instead of holding time-consuming status meetings, a well-designed Wrike workflow enables each team member to update just a single field for their status. This shared, transparent report provides real-time accurate status of the project. Teams can update the report as they go. On the other hand, management can view the report at any time they want to know where exactly the project stands. However, it is still important that tasks are updated regularly. Similarly, management should conduct its review at least once a week.

Scheduled Report Reminders

The new feature solves the problem of the project manager who waits for each team member to make an update of their status report. Scheduled Report Reminders notifies team members through their Wrike inboxes and email. They are reminded, for example, to update their status report every Friday at 2PM, so that the project manager can accomplish his or her report before 5PM for management. This way, the latest information is always included in the report, and in time for executives and client to review at the close of the week.

Sharing reports is easy. Recipients are able to see all the information included by the one who created the report. Furthermore, they can sort the report to make it more meaningful to them. From this report, users can opt to subscribe to scheduled report reminders.

Wrike makes it easy for all users to get notified regularly of the reports they need to complete. At the top left side of the report is a link that will allow teams to receive these scheduled reminders. The reminders will arrive at their inbox and by email at a particular time, so that they have enough time to complete and submit their updates.

From Reminder to Report

In addition, the Scheduled Report Reminders can be clicked to take the user directly to the relevant report. Therefore, they are shortcuts to the interactive reports, allowing users to save time. Just like the shared interactive reports, this new feature is available to Business and Enterprise versions of Wrike.

Wrike Emojis

Wrike is a collaboration platform where users communicate and send feedback numerous times a day in a variety of ways. To make such exchanges lighter, less serious and more fun, emojis are now available. Users can add them in their comments, allowing them to express their feelings more clearly. Emojis also allow users to send feedback that can avoid confusion or misinterpretation, all with a single image. To use emojis on Wrike comments, users should open a task or folder/project info panel. Next, they should click on the comment box and select the emoji icon on the right side. Users can choose from different categories to find the right emoji. Also, they can use keyboard shortcuts and type them directly.

Increase Productivity Across Teams

Wrike online project management software provides all kinds of teams the collaboration platform they need to execute faster and work better together. For more of the latest Wrike announcements and features, visit them also on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.

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