New Features: Tags, Recycle Bin, and Import from Excel project and team management application is steadily rolling out features. With the goal of building a tool that people love to use, indeed, more and more are using the application and transforming the way they work. Because if there is a choice between simplified work and complicated work, a simplified one that helps the team achieve results better and faster will always be chosen. Unfortunately, work is seldom simple, although can be simplified and organized more efficiently. And one way to help in organizing it is with the new #tag feature.

Introducing #tags

Tags is a new feature that lets users organize and track their work. It works like a keyword or a label that they can use together with to-dos, tasks, and projects. They can use a specific tag across all their boards. This means that when users list and click that tag, they will be able to retrieve and view all work items associated with that specific tag. In one click, they will see a cross-board view of every pulse that has been tagged to gain a better view and overall insight.

It is easy to create a tag in For each pulse, users can add a column and write whatever #tag they want to associate with that item. A context menu appears when they are writing a tag. One is to create a new tag, and another is to manage existing tags. When users click the manage tags, they will see a list of all tags that have ever been created. That list includes private and shareable boards, if they have access to them.

Scenarios where tags are helpful

Tags are an amazing way to categorize, prioritize and track the workload of the team. They are particularly helpful in several scenarios. For example, they are effective on projects that span on many departments. Each team per department manages their own boards, but it is sometimes necessary to track the status of a work on a higher view across all departments. Using tags enable users to see the big picture of where things stand across all teams.

Another scenario where tags are helpful is when managing client work across multiple boards. With the use of a #clientname tag, it is easy to see all work associated with a particular client across all boards. The rest of the information present on these boards are filtered out.

Tags can also be helpful for improving productivity and time management. One technique is to add a column in a to-do board that reflects the estimate of how long a task can be accomplished. So, for any task that can be completed within 15 minutes, a #15 tag can be associated with it. When users are in between long tasks or projects, and they have a short time to complete something, they can click on a #15 to quickly complete and cross-out one of their tasks.

Click and Restore

In the recent past, also released other features that help teams simplify their work. For instance, the Recycle Bin allows users to restore things that they accidentally deleted or deleted intendedly but realized later they should not. When they delete a pulse, a group, a column or a board, these items simply move to the Recycle Bin and stay there for 30 days. During this period, users can find what they deleted and restore in one click. However, after 30 days, these items are deleted permanently.

Import Excel spreadsheets

Another feature released last year is the ability to import from Excel. Users can simply drag and drop the file to The PM app will then create a board with the data exactly as structured in the spreadsheet. Excel may be a popular office tool, but it does not have the collaboration features such as @mention, real-time updates, and overall project transparency.

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