Adds 10 New Features And Improvements is a visual work management software for teams. But beyond managing work and meeting deadlines, it is a simple yet excellent tool that people will love to use everyday. Thus, teams are able to build a culture of transparency and work better together. Launched in 2014, it is yet again releasing new features and improvements that will continue to empower everyone and make their workday more manageable.

10 New Features

1. 20 more status colors is a visual project management system, because the company believes visual is better. With information at a glance in boards, it is now adding 20 beautiful colors that can be used for all kinds of status information. Furthermore, there is a new and improved edit mode for the status menu. This helps in reducing clutter and presents a cleaner visual display of work status information.

2. 2FA now available for all

Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security that is essential nowadays. Previously available only to Enterprise account customers, 2FA is now offered in all plans. This means when a team member logs in from an unfamiliar device, they need to first confirm a code that is sent to their phone before they can get in to the system. In these days of unauthorized intrusions and breaches, this additional security is a welcome addition for all and by all.

3. Filter by “blank “ users can now use advanced filtering to find “blank ” items in their board columns. This is a quick way to find tasks that are unassigned, projects without due date, tasks that are untagged, and more. They can search for blanks in one or all board columns. It is also a way to verify and identify items of information that may have been neglected, overlooked, or delayed filling up.

4. New #tags column

With a new tags column, users can easily filter every task, to-do or project based on a specific tag. Tags work similarly as keywords or labels. By clicking on a tag, they can get a filtered view of all items with the same tag across all boards. They can also filter by tag on a single board.

5. “Edit content ” only permission is introducing a new permission mode called “Edit content ” only. This is to make sure that no user or guest can accidentally change a board’s structure. Creating a board that helps manages a project or workflow takes a lot of hard work. Accidents that result in major headaches can now be prevented with this new permission that limits changes to content only.

6. Single click insert

Adding a new row or column and then scrolling plus dragging it to its new position can really get tiring if users are doing it so often. But that is over now. They can now add a new row just below or a new column just to the right of an existing one with a single click. They can also add a new pulse in a similar fashion. This little enhancement can really go a long way in time savings.

7. Mention @everyone and @all users previously can mention specific people and teams. Now, they can mention @everyone subscribed to a board. Moreover, they can also mention @all guests at once on a shareable board. This 2 new features allow users to quickly get the attention and communicate with all the people they are working with.

8. Search shortcut

A new shortcut for searching among the pulses is available. Users can simply press command/control+F and start typing. They are instantly using the functionality of the Search/Advanced Filter field of their board.

9. Improved year picker

When working on plans with dates that are years ahead, project managers on can now enjoy an improved year picker in the date and the timeline column. With a single click, they can go to their targeted year, instead of going through the next consecutive months after months.

10. Improved desktop app

The desktop versions for both Mac and Windows platforms have been improved and made better. They are now faster, and previous bug issues have been completely fixed.

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