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Momenteo Software: Overview – Features – Pricing

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Momenteo is a freelancer’s software tool to organize hard work with ease and clarity. Put your energy and time towards developing your talent instead of spending unnecessary time documenting things like client information, invoices and expenses. With every project you must document and keep up to date with paperwork – give that workload to Momenteo. This web-based tool is your side-kick to collaborating with clients and your support staff, like your accountant. This tool’s features include, but are not limited to: a calendar – to manage your work activities; travels – to know what is happening on the road; and expenses – to organize your overhead, and of course it’s for your accountant. Momenteo supports your freelancing needs.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Calendar: plan your freelancing life with this feature ‚Äì it’s presented in one screen for your viewing pleasure. With this interface, precisely understand what you have done, where you have done it, and how much it costed. Designed to be user friendly so that you can easily understand your completed work and to be completed work. If you need to see your historical context for future plans, this feature will provide it with just a few clicks. This feature is advantageous as it allows you to document all your efforts and their impacts.
  • Travels: know your overhead when travelling for work. This feature is designed to allow you to enter your travel expense with precision. You won’t get bogged down entering these expenses. To make this feature work for you, input 2 addresses and the frequency of the travel. Indicate if this was a one time trip or will occur several times, and let Momenteo do the rest.
  • Expenses: we need to know our bottom line ‚Äì for so many reasons. Get rid of the paper way of doing things ‚Äì take a photo of receipts and add them to Momenteo for when you need them. On your smartphone or desktop, this feature will tell you what it’s costing you to do business. The most important, it gives your accountant the information the way they like it.



  • Free! ‚Äì for 1 month ‚Äì no credit car required.
  • $20 / month ‚Äì all features available with 1 on 1 support.
  • $200 / year ‚Äì all features with 1 on 1 support. That turns into $16.67 / month.
  • 1 on 1 support: live chat, email, and 12/7 support. Momenteo aims to provide assistance ASAP. Momenteo cares about their reputation; they want to make a good name for themselves. That means they aim to support your needs to the highest quality.


Social Network Presence

Target Market

In short, this software is for freelancers. When your out there doing it yourself. When you are the CEO, VP, front-line guy or gal, manage your project team of 1, you, with this software. Momenteo backs you up. Whether you’re a designer, developer, lawyer, etc. you can profit from using Momenteo. It will not take you away from your passion as it is your tool for efficient and effectiveness business management.

Supported Languages

  • A short and sweet list of two supported languages: French and English.

Some of Their Clients

The go-getter freelancers. Momenteo’s clients were not listed on their website.



What do the users say:

  • Claudia G. (Go! Design Graphique) likes Momenteo’s customer service and has found this tool easy to use.
  • Julie-Anne P. (Labo Dactylo) likes that she can invoice with one click, and that the program calculates tax reports.
  • Antoine B. (Copywriter) enjoys the customer service and the visual appeal of the program.

Momenteo_CritiqueMomenteo’s Pros and Cons

If only we were perfect. Momenteo definitely has an inviting look to it, and it really doesn’t take long to acclimate to its layout and functionalities. Although the overall design is appealing, there are some graphics that are unclear or overlap one another – as seen in this photo. Additionally, as mentioned, the team at Momenteo is there to answer your questions; but with that being said, the FAQ section, on their website and in the software, has not been developed – yet. Other than that, a simple straight forward program for freelancers with plenty of benefits which have already been mentioned.

Why Momenteo

As mentioned, it’s a time saver, so that you can do what you do best ‚Äì your passion in life. To expand, we all know that when running an business or project, there are certain requirements ‚Äì like accounting and documenting your efforts to keep your business prosperous. Momenteo propels you in that direction. Why Momenteo? Because you’ll keep your company thriving instead of dying.

Company Info

Since 2014 Momenteo has been perfecting this software. At the start, the founder of the company, Dominic, did not like the accounting aspect of freelancing. Therefore, he decided to create a software that would make accounting as painless as possible. Originally, the software looked a lot different than it does now. When Dominic created the original version of the software and started showing it to friends he soon found out that it could be a valuable tool for others. Since then he has been collaborating with his team to develop the program to where it is today, a time saving accounting tool as recognized by Forbes and Techvibes.


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