Microsoft Project 2013–1st edition Book


Microsoft Project 2013 is the only book for the Microsoft Official Academic Course, and is a guide for the Microsoft Project program. This book will show you how to manage resources, assignments, scheduling, and more via the Microsoft Project program. It facilitates project manager’s ability to be enhance their computer skills. Which, intern, can give them a competitive edge in the job market.

Book Details

This book is 8.1 x 0.5 x 10.7 inches and has 384 pages. It is available in paperback and kindle version. Published in October, 2013 by Microsoft Official Academic Course, this book is available in English and is the first edition.

ISBN-10: 0470133120; ISBN-13: 978-0470133125


$24.99-$95.03 for the paperback version and $30.32-$41.60 for kindle version


Target Audience

In this technological age, project managers should have excellent computer skills, and keep-up with the latest trends. This book is for project managers whether they’re just starting out or seasoned professionals. The book shows how to use Microsoft Project to its potential.

What Customers Say

• Kevin T (Amazon) said the book was helpful in teaching him how to use Microsoft Project. He gave it 4 stars.

• An Amazon customer found the book’s step by step instructions very easy to follow.

• Linda M (Amazon) explained that, “The companion site for this book, the one holding the supporting training files, is not available. When contacted via live chat, the supplier had no information about when it would be available. The book is a well-organized teaching companion; however, it contains the typical academic text errors. I recommend that you wait until the second edition is published, to allow time to 1) populate the website with the supporting “Companion” material (training files) and to 2) correct the errors in the text.”

Content, Approach, Style

Content: Instruction on how to use Microsoft Project. There’re 17 lessons that cover topics such as the following: project basics, resource and task assignments and integrating Microsoft Project with other programs.

Approach: Use of examples such as the problems you are likely to run into and how to fix them. There is a companion site in place that provides support training.

Style: Use of pictures, tables, and guidelines. The glossary clarifies any jargon used in the book. The author uses plain English as much as possible and explains technical terms.

Why Buy the Book

The book is a great book for project managers who are unfamiliar with how to use the Microsoft Project program or would like sharpen their ability to utilize it. This book explains how PMs can track multiple projects, schedule and build teamwork via the Microsoft Program. The companion site offers a chance to ask questions to the Microsoft team if clarification is needed. The examples used in this book demonstrate how you can integrate this program into your job, to be one of the most valuable tools you use. This book will aide any project manager, no matter their experience.


Although Amazon indicates Microsoft Official Academic Course is the author, there is no doubt that a major contributor in writing this book was a certified project management professional, Gregg D. Richie. Mr. Richie has 11 years’ experience in curriculum development accompanied with over 30 years of teaching. A Master’s Certificate in Project Management, Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Workforce Education and Development, and 30 plus years in project management, be rest-assured that Mr. Richie’s education and work experience will produce a content rich book with invaluable information. Connect with Mr. Richie via LinkedIn.

$24.99-$95.03 for the paperback version and $30.32-$41.60 for kindle version



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