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michael sliwinskiMost people, if not all, want to be great, successful, and popular. Many people have clear dreams and ideas of what they want to be and what they want to achieve. However, not all have effective plans on how to do it, so the dreams and ideas remain in the head where they do not prosper to anything. The human brain is not efficient enough in reminding people all the time of what actions to take to transform an idea into something more concrete, so productivity concepts and methods were invented.

One methodology is the Getting Things Done (GTD) time management method by David Allen, where planned tasks and projects are recorded externally, broken into manageable items, and controlled and prioritized accordingly. With the mind freed up from recalling tasks, it can focus on giving attention and being creative. One avid follower of this methodology is Michael Sliwinski.

Introducing Michael Sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski was born in Poland, grew up with a fascination with language and technology. He graduated with a Business Economics degree in Poland, and a Marketing degree in Germany. He also studied in Spain through an exchange program, and therefore speaks Polish, English, German and Spanish fluently, and continues to learn other languages.

ivity Disciple

After graduation, Michael started an Internet marketing consultancy where he helps clients sell online. He was good at it, so his clients and commitments grew. As managing all these became more difficult, he looked for a system that could help him become more efficient. He read David Allen’s book and the concept of GTD, and since then, has tried implementing the concept to every aspect of his life. Going one step further, he created a computer application to implement it digitally, as he was spending most of his time in front of a computer.

Entrepreneur and Startup Enthusiast

After reading the concepts of GTD and embracing it, Michael Sliwinski looked for existing tools that can help him apply it in life, but back in 2005, he did not find any. He decided to build one but only for his personal use. He has tried a few times with startup companies but was not successful, so he decided to continue with his consultancy job. However, as the technology for the web became more powerful but easier to use, he kept on improving his personal productivity tool until such a point that other people are asking him for it.

nozbe logoTrue to his entrepreneurial spirit, he launched Nozbe, a time and task management system that adheres to GTD and offered as SaaS. Nozbe became a hit that Michael decided to commit fulltime to it and finished all client commitments from his consultancy without taking new ones. From being the only Nozbe employee, he now has a team of employees, developers, and experts all working from home. See our Nozbe Software .

Passion Advocate, Passionate About Life

As a practitioner of GTD with an enterprising heart, Nozbe was followed by other projects and undertakings. A year after launching Nozbe, Michael Sliwinski started ive! Magazine, a free monthly online magazine containing articles on productivity delivered on the iPhone, iPad, and Android platform. In 2009, a year after launching ive! Magazine, he started ive! Show, a video show that features successful people, thought leaders, and other productivity news that is now on its 60th episode. He also has co-authored a book with Augusto Pinaud titled #iPadOnly.

Social Presence

Inspiring People to Be Better

Michael Sliwinski is simply passionate about life. And as life unfolds before him, he realized that his passion for it, with his earnest desire to be productive and fruitful, only presents more opportunities and surprises where he can make an impact in the world. Through Nozbe, he gave people a tool to be productive, and through his ive! Magazine and Show, he shares how it can be done and how other people have done it. He believes there is much to do, so much more to improve on in the areas of productivity and life, and he is just very excited about it.

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