MeisterTask Comes Up With Exciting Features To Make Your Workflow Experience Even Better

MeisterTask-LogoWhen you need to build a unique workflow for your projects, kanban boards are the ultimate tools to use. With personalized list for every stage of your task, you can easily find out where your projects stand. MeisterTask is one of them and is a fantastic online task manger that uses task automation and smart integrations to make your team additionally productive. They have now come up with loads of exciting and handy features like Smart Search, Video Thumbnails and Previews, Dashboard Tabs, Auto Due Date and much more. Let’s delve into each one of these and find out how they can keep your projects running smoothly.

Smart Search

MeisterTask has now launched its smart search suggestions tab which can be of tremendous help for sections, tags and assignees. This feature can also be helpful in scanning your current projects. Whether you use the Smart Search feature within your project board or on your dashboard, you will never miss out any task.


Video Thumbnails and Previews

If you attach videos to tasks on MeisterTask, they will be exhibited as attractive tiny thumbnails in your project boards, similar to images. This helps you easily locate them with a single glance. However, if you are overwhelmed by the colors of your board or do not want to waste any space, simply go to your Appearance Settings and put off Inline Thumbnails.


Since the tool supports a majority of video formats, you can watch the files directly without having to download them.


Dashboard Tabs

Most users weren’t satisfied with the obsolete dashboard widgets like “Focus ” and “My Tasks “. This is when MeisterTask decided to roll out dashboard tabs, which is being used by their iOS app with high success levels. The tabs aid you switch between notifications swiftly, track your time and present a list of all your running tasks. At the top of the list, you can see the due and overdue assignments below which lies the tasks you starred manually and more.


Section Actions

This section has three new features for premium customers of MeisterTask. They will automate some common steps in your workflow, saving you chunks of time with every little task.

These are as follows:

  • Auto Due Date

This Section Action helps you to discard or set the due date of a particular task as shown below. You can either use the current date or set a time in the near future.


  • Auto Time Tracking

Auto Time Tracking either stops or commences the timer on your project. It has three sections-‚ÄòOn Hold’, ‚ÄòIn Progress’ and ‚ÄòDone’. Before using this feature ensure to activate the time tracking option.


  • Auto Tags

Auto Tags help you to add or remove tags from your tasks. This can be beneficial to people who work with more than one project concurrently. For example, you can set up sections for your backlog project as “Server “, “iOS ” and Design and add tags like “In Progress “, “Open ” and “Done ” for your sprint project.


Latest Launch

MeisterTask recently added a useful Section Action for Microsoft users which notifies your entire Office 365 Group automatically about new projects. You can check it out here.

To know more about MeisterTask you can head to their social media pages: Google+, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube

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