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McGraw-Hill Education PMP Project Management Professional ExamReady to start preparing for your PMP exam? If so, The McGraw-Hill Education: Project Management Professional Exam, 1st edition, is a study aide to help you prepare. Take the opportunity to obtain a deeper understanding of how PMP theory applies to the real world. Written from a well educated and diverse professional perspective: it gives you the opportunity to acquire the needed knowledge about the project management process as it relates to the business world. In turn, setting you up to successfully complete your PMP exam.

Book Details

This book is 8.5 x 0.8 x 10.9 inches, 368 pages, 14 chapters and is only available in paperback version. This book was published in August of 2014 by McGraw Hill Education and is available in English. ISBN-10: 007183480; ISBN-13 number: 978-0071834803


$5.99 – $33.09 for the paperback version


Target Audience

In some situations, a PMP certification is necessary, if not mandatory. That means, project management professionals interested in career advancement or employment opportunities can profit from this book. It is for project managers in any industry: medical, computer science, media, etc. Take advantage of this book to enhance your professional profile. Consider that even if you’re a seasoned PM or new to the field, being prepared for a test is important. Use this book to be ready on test day for your PMP certification.

What Customers Say

  • An Amazon customer gave this book a 5-star rating, indicating that it was practical and very good. In his/her opinion, this book was tremendous help to pass the PMP exam the first time. This customer said that what you read in the book you will encounter on the exam.  This book walks you through the topics and approaches of project management. Be certain that while writing the PMP exam you will not be caught off-guard as you will have already read this book.
  • Stan C. (Amazon) said this book was good for review, however, he found that some incorrect calculations, for example, PERT for Activity Duration Estimate.
  • Ahmed B., Marie NYC., & Albertao R. (Amazon) all agree that this book is well written. The content is clear and concise.
    • Ahmed: “Very direct and well written book, better than other books that over write the content with 600+ pages”.
    • Marie: “So much shorter than all the other books I’ve used – and still covered all the same topics. Also, much higher quality of writing, which makes it easier to read. This was recommended to me and I recommend it to you!”.
    • Alberto: “great complement to prepare for the test. I loved the fact that you can print the practice test and exercises.”

Content, Approach, Style

Content: The final chapter is a full-length practice exam. In total, 14 chapters articulate different topics needed to successfully complete the PMP exam. Refer to the glossary for any unfamiliar jargon. Within the 14 chapters you will find topics such as: Project Management Framework, Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management and Communications Management.

Approach: Using tables and images, practice exams questions and a thorough, but not cumbersome, explanation of exercises, vocabulary and their synonyms. Be sure to read about the tips on common exam questions.

Style: The author explicitly says that he explains all project management processes in an easily consumable manner; however, these explanations are a complement to the PMBOK Guide. He points out that the PMBOK Guide is important to have for your exam prep.

Why Buy the Book

As mentioned, PM professionals should buy this preparatory guide as it will give them the knowledge base to pass the PMP exam the first time. Furthermore, this book provides details concerning the PMP exam process. Become educated on the application process to take the exam, the purpose of the exam, and what you will encounter during the exam. This is your resource to tackle the PMP certification exam.


A project manager, trainer and consultant, Henrique Moura is your wealth of information.  With 15 years’ experience managing international projects in a multitude of industries Moura’s expertise will no doubt support your exam preparatory needs. Along with his real world experience, Moura is a certified, PMI-PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP, and has a postgraduate degree in Project Management from the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa. The Project Management Institute has recognized Moura as a Registered Education Provider. As well, he is an award recipient for best practices in the Portuguese public administration. With these credentials, there is no doubt that Moura knows what you need to know for the PMP exam. To learn more about Henrique Moura connect with him via LinkedIn or his website.

$5.99 – $33.09 for the paperback version


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