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maximizing benefits from IT PM coverMaximizing Benefits from IT Project Management: From Requirements to Value Delivery is a comprehensive and systematic guide for IT managers and project teams to have the awareness and knowledge of the great potential benefits of IT projects to the organization. It presents a value-added approach where project teams and stakeholders are guided by a practical method of evaluation of requirements for assessing value (ROI) of projects. These assessments are made at various points throughout the whole system development life cycle to make sure established goals and objectives are met while preventing the project from going over its budget and past its deadline.

Book Details

The first edition hardcover was published in December 2011 by CRC Press. It has 316 pages and is about 0.8 inch thick. A Kindle edition is also available. The front cover displays the title at the top to middle of the page in large fonts, with the subtitle below it, and author’s name below the subtitle. The publisher’s logo is at the bottom right side. A photo of a male presenter and several listeners in what seems to be a business meeting covers the bottom half of the page. ISBN-10: 143984156X; ISBN-13: 978-1439841563


$71.95 for the hardcover edition and $55.96 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Maximizing Benefits from IT Project Management is for IT directors, managers, project managers and project team.

What Customers Say

Johnny Gan, PMP, stated that the discussion on the Principles of Team Cohesion is the section he liked the most. Principles like transparency, or sharing of information in the team, and tolerance of error, or fixing errors as a team, are positive principles that strengthen team cohesion resulting into improved team performance, effective project team climate, and ultimately, achievement of project goals.

Content, Approach, Style

Maximizing Benefits from IT Project Management is divided into 26 chapters. The first three chapters review the current state of IT project management, introduce the evolution and influence of knowledge management, and provide a historical perspective on the history of computing. The next six chapters introduce system development life cycle (SDLC) and discuss its five areas of planning, analysis, design, build/test, and system implementation. The next five chapters discuss ways in managing problems related to information systems, project management, budget, value delivery, and internal supplier issues.

The next eight chapters present principles, concepts, guidelines, methodologies and other practical solutions for selecting, preparing, and evaluating IT projects so that they will be simpler to manage, run smoothly and yield its expected value. The last four chapters presents the four areas where benefits can be seen, such as in the organization’s structure, operations, enhanced business and improved management. The book is organized in topic groupings, such that several chapters discuss a bigger topic. Chapter topics are separated by headers and titles. Paragraphs are of readable length, and terms common to business and project management appear throughout the text. It uses bullet lists, figures, equations and tables as aids to facilitate understanding.

Why Buy the Book

Maximizing Benefits from IT Project Management is a valuable guide to make sure that organizations choose the right IT projects to create the needed benefit. It also provides good insight and prepares a proper mindset on how to look at and manage IT projects not as isolated technology experiments but part of the whole business process and enterprise environment.

Books that Complement

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Gina and Yusuf Abudi’s Best Practices for Managing BPI Projects provides valuable and practical guides in the implementation of business process improvement projects.


José López Soriano has over 30 years of experience in information systems of various market, sector and economic scales. He has a Masters degree in Management, Quality Management and Innovation, Quality Control and Safety Technologies from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). He is Manager/ Owner for Technology Area projects at HGBS Consourcing. Mr. Soriano is also a consultant-teacher at the Open University of Catalonia in the subject of quality audits. He is also an accredited Teacher, Demand Manager and member of Team OKS at Scrum Manager, a professional training and coaching company. He is also Senior Trainer and Project Manager at Estratecno, an information technology and services company. Mr. Soriano is a Certified Function Point Specialist, Certified Scrum Professional, and Certified Scrum Master.

$71.95 for the hardcover edition and $55.96 for the Kindle edition


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