Mavenlink Update: Proofing Tool For Creative Projects


Mavenlink, a web based software management tool that offers functions like time tracking, a collaborative tool and performance analytics, has recently added a proofing tool to their software. They designed this feature to expedite the creative reviewing process. Now in real-time everyone involved can provide their comments about how to improve the product. This decreases the number of alterations needed to complete the deliverable as the feedback is in one location and clear. Benefit from this tool as it facilitates top quality work more efficiently.

Proofing tool

In more detail, give your input on an asset in one area within the Mavenlink program. As long as they have access, everyone involved can comment on the same file (file types include, documents, design, audio and video) in the same area, and see other comments. That means you have a well organised easy to read dialogue beside the asset. In one glance, you can read the feedback and see the corresponding changes.

This feature is designed to give you the capacity to precisely communicate feedback on a file. As seen in the slideshow below, place a comment directly on the asset. For example, a text – place a mark on the text to indicate where you want changes made. On a video asset, easily identify needed changes within a time frame. Also, when edits are made to a file, this feature shows you the different edited versions so that you can quickly compare the changes to the asset. As everyone is communicating in the same space, on the right side of the window, using this proofing feature eliminates long confusing emails threads with various file type attachments.


In short, this tool makes it easy to know the status of the review process so that you can understand project and team progress during the editing process. Furthermore, client satisfaction is attained as they can give their input in the same area as everyone else during the review process. This feature is great way to meet everyone’s expectations.

Takeaways – Mavenlink Webinar

Mavenlink provided a Webinar for this feature and the takeaways are:

  • Access the proofing tool at the task level in Mavenlink. Once in the task, click on the proofing tab to see your file(s) for proofing. Upload files with ease from your computer ‚Äì single and multiple files.
  • No document or file size limit for the account. However, turning a file into a proof takes time depending on its type and size.
  • The proofing tool supports adobe design files as long as the print to pdf option is on.
  • Print the feedback dialogue in pdf form.
  • When editing the asset, it is still done in the tool where you create and edit the asset. Review, approval, and feedback is done in the Mavenlink proofing tab. This new feature doesn’t replace the development tool: where the editing takes place.

To recap

Mavenlink’s proofing tool gives full access to create that perfect asset as desired. The feedback dialogue reduces long confusing email threads regarding editing. Capture all feedback in one spot: in the task, beside the asset for everyone to read and comment on. Give feedback with precision to develop a high quality asset. This new proofing tool is a valuable asset for any creative project. Visit Mavenlink’s social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.



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