Mavenlink New Look, Features and Updates Unveiled

mavenlink new logoWhen Mavenlink started in 2008, its mission became to help businesses succeed by being able to apply the right technology in the right way. It helped level the playing field by delivering software, services and support that businesses can use to survive and thrive in a global and networked landscape. As it helped many companies and organizations grow, it also experienced growth in many ways that on February 1, 2015, it unveiled a new identity, appearance and design to better reflect the company it has become. And it continues to deliver in fast pace the enhancements and improvements to its software as it has always done in years.

New Look, Cleaner Navigation

The new Mavenlink look hopes to capture the growth and maturity that the cloud-based project management software has experienced. The user interface has been redesigned to be more accessible and navigable. It now has a left-hand navigation bar that looks cleaner and more streamlined for easy navigation for every user.

mavenlink new look

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Links to every action are found on the left while profile, settings and other individual data are found on the top right. Functionality of the links remains the same, but the redesign took into consideration user feedback.

mavenlink new navigation

Project Templates

Mavenlink online project management software now has project templates available for all types of users. Even before the new look was unveiled, it released a new functionality to create a project template in seconds and customize it for new engagements. The templates include information such as project description, duration, budget, currency and other project details that can help automate project initiation based on past successful projects. Users can also see a Gantt chart view, set dependency relationships, support Checklists, Milestone Weighting, batch task creation tools, and the ability to create resource placeholders.

mavenlink project template

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Custom Fields

Tailoring a software to a business’s unique needs is a functionality that is highly valued. Software designers and developers try their best to include the features that every business will need, but they still cannot do everything for every client. Instead, they built custom fields that have now been updated in this latest release. Custom fields that are available to Premier customers can now be configured to accept different types of input information, such as text, dates, numbers and currency. These fields can be created and tracked across the software. They can help track a business’s unique process, store imported data from another system, or synchronize with other external applications.

mavenlink custom field

More Custom Branding Options

Mavenlink‘s transformation also included additional options for its users to customize the interface and make it appear as an extension of their business. Today’s networked economy makes collaboration with external clients simpler and more productive. Collaborating inside the application, customized to have one’s company logo, familiar color scheme and links, makes it easy for clients to recognize and feel the user’s presence. Users can do this by navigating to the Custom Branding menu, click on Edit, and upload the desired images with the right picture resolution. To learn more about the new features and other updates, visit the Mavenlink social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

mavenlink custom branding

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