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mavenlink logoMavenlink online project management software makes it its mission to help level the playing field for smaller companies by giving them advanced technology and tools for their business. By helping so many, it experienced tremendous growth itself, numbering to about 500,000 customers in less than four years. As this multitude of customers grow in their business, their needs and requirements in managing their projects also have become more complex. These growth challenges have resulted in requests for enhancements and new features, to which Mavenlink has quickly responded.

Reports and Template Enhancements

As the market becomes more competitive and customers become more cautious in their spending, it is important for companies to be able to analyze data accurately and respond to changes quickly. Mavenlink has advanced analytics and reporting tools that cover projects, financials, and resources. The latest release includes more enhancements in its advanced performance analytics that include a filter to see time tracked within a date range and new financial data roll-ups in task and project details. From a single dashboard report, users can see the utilization of team members across projects, the percentage of possible hours employees have tracked, the activities that needed to be worked on, and the availability of resources for that time period.

mavenlink report

In addition, users can now use a filter to perform margin analysis by department, client, or region to measure actual versus projected margin. Project expenses can be tracked and filtered by category. A Work In Progress report can easily show the billable time that can be invoiced and invoices report that can show the status filtered by date range. There is also an Accounts Receivable report to view the payments on active invoices and find out which ones are still outstanding. All reports can be exported in CSV, Excel or PDF format. The latest release also has a new budgeted template where Premier subscribers can add budget and time estimates on project templates.

mavenlink template

New Project Access Feature

Team collaboration is one of the core features of Mavenlink online project management software that has made it more than a PM tool. With the adoption of social networking tools in businesses, collaboration has become easier. However, features have to be designed properly to provide the most value to the user. The latest release has a new feature that allows the creation of new projects with pre-defined access options. A new project can be open to all members on the user’s account, open only to admins or accessible by invitation only. This new simple feature saves precious mouse clicks that translate to time savings and still have the required security.

mavenlink access options

It is also now easier for project team members to see the list of projects they can join. With a few navigation clicks, a filtered drop down menu will show this list of projects. Joining the project is also very easy by selecting the Provider or Client team and clicking an icon.

mavenlink pulldown project list

Collaboration through Linked Posts

Sharing project documents stored in a central location has made collaboration easier and quicker. However, as users are able to read, review, and react in real-time, communication on certain files and tasks from multiple users has become instantaneous also, creating long threads very quickly. Although these posts and comments are not written formally like in an email or a memo, they are relevant to the project and must be kept together with other project documents.

mavenlink linked posts

Mavenlink is now introducing its new Linked Posts feature where these conversation threads follow the tasks throughout the project lifecycle. It is accessible on the Task Tracker, the Activity Feed or the Traveling Task light box. The posts are also accessible in many reports, Project Details, Time Tracking and Utilization reports. It is social networking with a business purpose creating improved team productivity.

Beyond Project Management

Mavenlink is inviting people to go beyond project management. Described as a growth management software, it has successfully combined project management, financial reporting, invoicing, time and expenses, messaging, and collaboration features to not only successfully deliver projects but also to manage the growth of the business with relevant products that comes from both user requests and the latest technology.

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