Mavenlink Comes Up With Brand New Features

mavenlink-new-logoMavenlink seems to live up to its mission of reinventing the way businesses do work by providing expertise, services and technology that allow organizations to conduct business in today’s fast-paced world. The company recently rolled out some new features which can be of tremendous assistance in transforming the way organizations and people work.

Here’s a rundown of the new features

Customize Global Task List

The Global Task List can now be customized to view information that is pertinent to you. This list exhibits Deliverables, Tasks, Milestones and issues associated to your projects. Managing your portfolio in some cases can turn out to be messy. The new task list makes the process of juggling a huge number of tasks easier. Thanks to robust filters, it’s possible for you to select which tasks you want to see first. The panel remains open as you change views. This way you can see every single detail in context.

Choose Columns

Choose the columns you want to be shown in the new drop-down menu named “Columns. ” There are many new columns that have been added so that you can benefit from them in your workflow. The task of searching for columns has also been made easy. You just have to enter the column name in the search box.

Mavenlink Columns


Reorder Columns

Do you want to see all your important information on entering the office? If yes, simply drag and drop the columns to determine the way in which they are displayed.

Mavenlink Reorder

Filter Columns

You can now filter preferred columns like “Due “, “Start “, “Priority “, “Archived “, “Assignees “, “Status “, “Type “, custom list and custom date fields. See information that seems to be relevant to you by filtering multiple columns at one go.

Mavenlink Filter

Get Admittance To Present Views

Get access to present views similar to what you see in your Project Task Trackers like “Finances “, “Progress “, “Info ” etc. These can be selected as your default.

Mavenlink Present Views

Get Your View Customized

Mavenlink allows you to configure and save a customized view with the columns you want to get displayed. This view is saved so that you can get easy access whenever you want.

Mavenlink customized view

Export Task List

You can now export tasks for all your projects with all the displayed columns or the columns you’ve chosen to be exhibited in CSV or Excel format. This feature can be accessed only by paid users; however, some financial data will be visible to those with financial access in a particular project.

Mavenlink Export

Updated Task Details Panel

It’s now possible to have higher context and visibility into the details of your task with the newly launched task details panel. On clicking the title of a particular task, the panel shifts from the right side. If you want to shut down the details panel, head to the upper right corner and click on “X ” and then press “esc ” or click on the row of the open task.

Mavenlink updated taks detail panels


Details of Importance To You

You can see the most relevant details with the help of the task details panel. The visible header displays important information like priority of the task, its status and title.

Mavenlink Relevant Details


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