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mastering software project requirements book coverMastering Software Project Requirements: A Framework for Successful Planning, Development and Alignment, is a guide that provides concepts and techniques to develop great software requirements. It discusses a framework step by step that will help the reader use a process to effectively manage and deliver a complete and accurate software project requirements document. A main reason why software and IT projects fail is because of poor requirements analysis, and this has caused financial waste and personal frustration to many. This concise guide aims to equip the business analyst with the right knowledge and tools to help companies with their technology projects.

Book Details

This first hardcover edition was published in September 2013 by J. Ross Publishing. It has 296 pages and is about 0.9 inch thick. The title and subtitle of the book is displayed in the upper part while the author’s name is at the lower part. In the middle is a photo of a wooden structure shaped like a question mark. ISBN-10: 1604270918; ISBN-13: 978-1604270914


$55.21 for the book edition


Target Audience

Mastering Software Project Requirements is for business analysts, system analysts and project managers handling software and IT projects. This will also be a valuable reference to BA managers and IT executives in software development companies and other IT organizations that need to have a framework in requirements management.

What Customers Say

Tina Underhill described the book as a must-have for business analysts. She stated that the chapter specifically on elicitation was excellent as the author was able to engage the reader with insightful methods.

Reader higginstony stated that the coverage of the book is pretty remarkable for its size. He described the chapter on establishing metrics and benchmarks to be particularly interesting and brimming with potential.

Content, Approach, Style

Mastering Software Project Requirements is divided into four sections and two appendices. The first section is titled Identifying and Understanding the Business Solution. Within this section are two chapters that discuss the process of identifying the solution and stakeholder management and involvement. Section 2 is about requirements planning and management, Section 3 discusses all things requirements and Section 4 is about applying project and architecture methodologies. Overall, the book contains 14 chapters and an appendix that teaches how to write effective emails and another that contains sample document templates.

The book follows a step-by-step approach through which the business analyst will be able to establish a framework and model that when followed will result to having a detailed design-ready requirements specification at the end. It follows a simple formula that covers the full requirements life cycle. The book sections and chapters are presented in an orderly sequential manner with proper headings and subheadings. The language is easy to understand, the paragraphs are of readable size, and special highlighted sections show real-world examples.

Why Buy the Book

Mastering Software Project Requirements is a “how-to” book that discusses relevant concepts and practical solutions. It provides tips and techniques to the analyst in how to conduct efficient and effective requirements activities that helps impact project scope, schedule, budget, and quality.

Books that Complement

Business Analysis Second Edition is another comprehensive book that helps analysts understand their role and responsibility in ensuring new projects and processes become aligned with an organization’s business goals.

A good introductory guide to the subject is Business Analysis for Dummies that also provide tools and tips in doing BA activities.


Barbara Davis has about 15 years of diverse expertise performing different roles and responsibilities such as a mediator, a program principal, business consultant, BA requirements practice director, author, speaker, and founder and president of RQX Global. The first university-accredited diploma program for Business Analysis was created by her. She is a thought leader and has been invited to speak in Canada, the US, and India regarding business management, various aspects of IT management, leadership and conflict resolution. She has helped Fortune 500 firms grow, reduce spending, and increased sales through her specialties in project intervention, change management, organizational redesign, and performance management, among others. She also authored Managing Business Analysis Services from J. Ross Publishing.

$55.21 for the book edition


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