Mark Zuckerberg’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born in New York. His father is a dentist and his mother is a psychiatrist. Even in high school, Mark excelled in his classes. In his junior year, he won several prizes both in the sciences and classical studies. He was also the captain of the fencing team.

Mark was writing computer programs already when he was in middle school. He wrote an instant messaging program for computers in his home and his father’s office before AOL released their Instant Messenger. He was considered a prodigy when he entered Harvard. He was 20 years old when he and his friends launched Facebook. When he was 26 years old, Facebook has reached its 500 million users-mark, and he was named by Time Magazine as Person of the Year. Forbes lists him as #5 in the world’s billionaires, the 3rd richest person in Technology in 2016, and America’s Richest Entrepreneur under 40.

The Top 10 Rules

In 2016, Mark Zuckerberg, chairman and CEO of Facebook, was listed among the top 10 most powerful people. To be included in that list at a young age of 32, and estimated to be worth more than $60 billion is simply amazing. In this YouTube Video, Evan Carmichael compiles Mark’s 10 rules that helped him become a very wealthy and influential person.

1. You Get What You Spend Your Time Doing

Mark Zuckerberg believes that people get the equivalent of what they put in. And if people spend time on important things, even a third of their time, it will accumulate over time and produce results. Therefore, it is important that people prioritize and spend time on important things. For him, spending time to help people get better, to hire better people, and to mentor, among others, will, over time, result in a better company.

2. Get Feedback

At Facebook, Zuckerberg revealed that they have a tradition where every week, he and employees have Q&A. People can ask him about anything, especially what is going on with the company, what direction it is taking, and other similar questions. It is important to him for two things: first, they value openness and communication. Second, and more importantly, it is an opportunity for him to get feedback and learn what are the things on people’s mind. In many occasions, the feedback helped them re-evaluate, change how they do things and how they approach different problems.

3. Make Mistakes

When starting a company, many mistakes will be made. When people ask him for advice on what mistakes to avoid, he answers that do not even bother to avoid them. The more important thing is to learn quickly from the mistakes, and not to give up. He believes that nothing is impossible, and that the best attitude is just to keep running through every obstacle that presents itself.

4. Only Hire People That You Would Work For

Mark Zuckerberg believes that hiring the people that he would work for if the situation is reversed is a good standard. Primarily, trust and respect for each other is established early on. And that can mean going beyond the ordinary, or going out of one’s way to help the other because he believes that the other person would do the same if the situation is reversed.

5. Make A Change In The World

When starting something, whether a product or a company, people will face a great number of challenges. Therefore, it is important that they be headstrong and not give up, according to Zuckerberg. And successful people who started companies did not start for the sake of starting a company. They believed that they have something that can change the world and help people. With that in mind, people can face the challenges that come up, and find tools and people that can help with their mission.

6. Learn from the People Around You

Mark Zuckerberg stated that a good definition of a team is a group of people that can make better decisions as a whole than they can individually. He also believes that smart people like learning. Since starting a company can have a steep learning curve, being with your team and learning a good amount of things is a real joy.

7. Build A Really Good Team

In connection with the previous rule, it is really important that people know it is the team that makes a company successful, and not just one person. Therefore, it is critical for an entrepreneur who is building a company to first and foremost build a good team. Zuckerberg revealed that he spends at least 3 hours a day with his core team. And he spends approximately 25 percent of his time recruiting and finding good people, both outside and inside the company.

8. Give the Very Best Experience

When there is a decision whether to give Facebook users the best experience in reading their news feed or help businesses reach more people, the answer is always the same. Giving users the very best experience is paramount. Therefore, if businesses want to improve their organic reach, Zuckerberg advises them that all they need to do is include more content that will be valuable to more users.

9. Care the Most About It

Reflecting on how they at Facebook were able to make it successful compared to other companies who had more resources, he draws one conclusion. They just cared more about what they are doing. For the other companies, it was just more of a hobby, but for the Facebook team, they really believed in what they are doing is important. And so he shares this rule to anyone who wants to start something but faces stronger competitors. They just have to care the most about what they do.

10. Social Bonds Are Critical

Zuckerberg shared that throughout his high school and college years, people that he has established bonds helped bring him to where he is now. Most of his friends that started Facebook with him are still with him running the company. Going through school, the usual focus was on academics and achievements. However, he believes that having friends is equally, if not more, important. And this philosophy is one of the reasons he started Facebook.


Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most important people of social media. As such, he also has his fair share of controversies, especially on how a particular movie portrayed his character and how he started his company. However, his actions today, through his company, speaks more about him. Together with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, he has pledged to donate at least half of his wealth to charitable causes over his lifetime. And it is clear that a combination of skills, passion, determination and purpose in him is what brought him to his current successful state.

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