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managing technology-based projectsManaging Technology-Based Projects: Tools, Techniques, People and Business Processes is a guide to effective project management in technology-based firms. Project management is now being used by almost all enterprises to advance their business and gain advantages over their competition. This book focuses on business environments that are technology-intensive. However, since technology is found in almost all organizations, it is safe to say that all businesses are affected by technology, some more than others. Many technology-based projects require specific solutions, collaboration and expectations that should align with the business objectives of the enterprise, and this book aims to provide useful understanding that will help managers and technology-oriented professionals.

Book Details

This first hardcover edition was published in March 2014 by Wiley Publishing. It has 528 pages and is about 1.2 inches thick. The front cover displays the title and sub title at the central part, with the author’s name just below it. The publisher’s name is near the right lower corner. The top most part shows 3 photos that shows technology, while the lower area shows an image of the map of the world. ISBN-10: 0470402547; ISBN-13: 978-0470402542


The hardcover edition’s price ranges from $76.73 – $81.18, while the Kindle edition is priced at $127


Target Audience

Managing Technology-Based Projects is for managers and project professionals in technology-oriented business environments. It is useful to all sectors and industries that must deal with the application, integration and transfer of technology. This includes science, engineering and R&D, as well as financial institutions, medical, media, government, and law enforcement, to name a few.

What Customers Say

Ron described the book as very informative and useful in helping him understand a project he is involved with but was not part of its planning.

Daniel Canales stated that this project management book ties each chapter at the end with the specific PMBOK skills it is related to. He is glad that, finally, an excellent and relevant project management book focused on technology and technology companies was finally published.

Content, Approach, Style

Managing Technology-Based Projects is divided into 20 chapters. Chapter 1 starts with a discussion on the challenges of managing projects in a technology-oriented world. Chapter 2 focuses on the concepts and principles of contemporary PM, while Chapter 3 describes the skills, values and agility that an effective project manager should posses. The next chapters discuss tools and techniques in aligning projects with the enterprise, understanding project organizations and the PMO, project selection and evaluation, and others. Each chapter has a lead-in scenario of a technology project or company, such as the iPhone 5, Amazon, Rio Summer Olympics, and more.

The book uses paragraphs of varying readable length, with language that uses common business, technology and PM terms. Topics and discussions are separated by bold headers. It uses figures, tables, bullet lists and borders to visually aid and simplify reading. Each chapter also has summary key points, questions and PMBOK references and connections at the end.

Why Buy the Book

Managers have stated that the biggest challenge they face is in dealing with the dynamics and uncertainties associated with the complexities of technology-based work environment, and not about technical issues. Managing Technology-Based Projects is a professional reference that provides understanding and guidance on developing specialized skills as well as people skills to effectively identify and apply critical success factors that drive technology-based project performance.

Books that Complement

Project Ethics is a reference that tackles ethical concepts as a guiding framework in making decisions to solve/resolve project issues that involve competing values of different natures.

David Pratt’s Great Lessons in Project Management is a compilation of stories where each chapter presents a project case study story and accompanying knowledge, awareness, and techniques to help the reader navigate more successfully many types of problematic project management situations.


Hans J. Thamhain studied electrical engineering in Germany. In 1963, he moved to Canada to pursue his career. He received his PhD from Syracuse University, NY, USA. In 1976, he moved to Framingham, MA, and was a tenured professor at Bentley University in Waltham, MA. Dr. Thamhain was a Professor of Management and Director of the Technology and Project Management programs at Bentley. He held management positions in several technology firms such as GTE/Verizon, General Electric and Westinghouse. He has authored several reference books and over 70 research papers on technology and project management. Dr. Thamhain passed on in July 2014 as a result of a biking accident.

The hardcover edition’s price ranges from $76.73 – $81.18, while the Kindle edition is priced at $127


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