LiquidPlanner October Release – New Home Tab And Tags

liquidplanner logoLiquidPlanner rolled out its October Release with exciting changes and new features. Committed to service, quality and reliability, the LP development team continues to deliver enhancements in improving a simple but effective online project management software. The latest release includes a redesigned Home tab that combines the features of the My Work and Home pages, and the ability to use Tags in a number of ways.

The New Home Tab

The October Release of LiquidPlanner has streamlined the workspace for better user experience. The result is the new Home tab that joined the most used function and features of My Work and Home. From this one starting point, users are able to access comments and conversations, view the most recent activity, focus on the most critical to-do, track time and review timesheets. Icons have been changed to text labels for clarity. The comment stream now includes a counter to let users know how many new ones are directed at them. The new Activity Stream shows the most recent events connected to both the user and his or her workspace. Management links for users with manager rights provide quick access to reviewing timesheets and exporting them.

liquidplanner home tab

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Discover the power of LP Tags

LiquidPlanner online project management has included a simple but very useful feature in Tags. The simple addition of the combined number sign or hashtag (#) with a phrase or word now allows users whole new ways of organizing, categorizing, and tracking items. For instance, Tags help categorize plan items and allow them to be filtered quickly without changing any of their existing properties or details.

liquidplanner new tag


Another powerful way to use Tags is to run reports to see trends and behavior of items with the same tags. When combined to Custom Fields, Tags provide great context to work items without affecting their priority. Best of all, they can be used by any member easily using free-text format, they are inherited down by items within containers, and they can be made to appear as a column on the Projects tab.

liquidplanner add tag

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Tags can be added in LiquidPlanner in several ways. Just below the Project Description field of the Edit Panel, users can simply click the Add Tag, type and press enter. A dropdown menu showing existing Tags appear as users type, so they can select any of the existing ones. It can be added when typing a comment by using hashtag followed by a new or existing Tag name. Also, when creating task by email, including the hashtag-word format in the subject field of the email creates a task with that Tag.

liquidplanner add tag 2

Simple Project Management, Powerful Social Collaboration

LiquidPlanner online project management helps its users build project plans around priorities. With the streamlined Home tab, scheduling, organizing, and managing multiple projects become easier. With dynamic Tags, people are able to quickly link related content, associate items to categories, and confidently know what to work on. To find out more about their updates and latest announcements, visit their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page.

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