LiquidPlanner: The New Small Team Edition

LiquidPlannerliquidplanner logo, a PM program for technology and manufacturing teams, has released a solution for small teams. In short, it is a more efficient way to collaborate. For the most part, to-do lists and spreadsheets are inefficient for fast moving projects. LiquidPlanner has a solution for this: 5 members or less now have access to LiquidPlanner’s unique Dynamic Project Management methodology for fast and furious collaboration ‚Äì in the non-violent sense.

1. Priority Driven Scheduling

Once team members input their availability, tasks are assigned with a simple drag and drop system. After this, LiquidPlanner’s award-winning predictive scheduling engine builds a schedule with estimated completion dates. When tasks are completed or priorities are adjusted, the timeline is automatically updated.




2. Advanced Collaboration

Because this is a one stop solution, the project timeline is visible down to individual tasks. Anyone on the team can make comments, follow tasks and access the conversation stream. With all team members sharing information, no one is left out of the loop. With 5GB of document storage, all relevant information stays with the project till conclusion.



3. Time Tracking

LiquidPlanner understands that effective time tracking is essential to building strong trust between key stakeholders and clients. To this end, they have provided an easy to use, integrated project scheduling system. Automatic scheduling adjustments allow for accurate time reporting and lead to better team accountability and clearer communication with customers.



4. Task Management

The ultimate goal of LiquidPlanner is for projects to be well-organized and efficient. Most small teams use a cumbersome system of applications and whiteboards. With 250 active tasks per workspace, team members have current, accurate info about progress and how each piece fits into the whole. When team members edit and comment on shared documents, adjust the priority of tasks, or run reports, the entire team is informed.



In Short

For $49.99 a month ($9.99 annually), LiquidPlanner is a powerful, task driven scheduling tool customized for small teams. Because this tool is easy to use and completely self-contained, the size of the team is no longer a competitive edge. LiquidPlanner is offering a free, no obligation trial their website. You can follow them on Linked-in, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.

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