LiquidPlanner New Features – Dashboards and Wait Time

liquidplanner logoLiquidPlanner online project management continues on their mission of providing an elegant, end-to-end experience of simple and effective project management for all teams. The combination of advanced scheduling and social collaboration is helping people be on the same page, get real-time information and work with true business intelligence. This March, they launched powerful new dashboards as a great way of sharing information to all stakeholders. Also, a Wait Time feature for setting delays on dependencies has been delivered to fulfill a popular user request.

Introducing Dashboards

LiquidPlanner dashboards are customizable visual tools that can share selected project data and provide the most relevant information to a particular type of audience. Data is translated and transformed visually, so valuable information is shared to the audience at a glance. In a single page, several widgets placed side-by-side will display their particular data, but taken together can provide a bigger picture that describes real-time information to help the audience make informed decisions and necessary action.

liquidplanner status dashboard

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Dashboards that are most relevant and helpful are those that provide real-time status, updates, risks and critical details to project stakeholders without information overload. It is important to design the dashboard according to the audience who will view it. The dashboard should also provide the right data and metrics that can empower the audience to take action. For example, a status dashboard for the team and management can provide information such as overall completion, remaining work, milestones, deadlines and risks. The Team dashboard presented on meetings can show priorities, progress and accomplishments that can provide insights on workload and collaboration.

liquidplanner team dashboard

Portfolio, Client Dashboards

LiquidPlanner online project management dashboards are customizable and the range of information is limited only by the imagination of the user. Another way to use it is to put together a portfolio dashboard especially meaningful to company executives. Information such as project breakdown per team or summary metrics for the workspace can be most helpful. Another type is a client dashboard that can inform of progress and delivery dates. Clients can be invited as guests to be able to view project status in real time. Other type of dashboards are project launch, project comparison, requirements, design and even a personal dashboard.

liquiplanner dashboards 3

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New Wait Time Feature

Another new feature released in the latest software update is the Wait Time. A popular customer request, it sets a delay on existing dependencies between tasks. For example, after a task has been completed, and a succeeding task depends on it before it can start, but a lag time exists in between, the Wait Time feature can be used to set the number of days of waiting. Delays can be caused by construction of needed materials, the time the client needs to review work or for an executive to give approval. It is a realistic way in planning project schedule.

liquidplanner wait time

To set the wait time, a dependency must exist first between tasks. Then in the Edit panel, in the Dependency section, users can input the delay in number of days (calendar days) or Week days (Monday – Friday). In the Gantt chart, dependencies are represented by blue dots. When these are clicked, a popup will appear to display the wait time. This means that even though the previous task has been marked complete, the next task will not become a priority until the wait time is over. After the wait time elapses, the user must manually move the upcoming task up the schedule to be prioritized. To know more about new LiquidPlanner features, visit their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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