LiquidPlanner Launches @Work with Latest Release 56

liquidplanner logoLiquidPlanner online predictive PM software believes that project management should always be simple and effective regardless of how work becomes complex, uncertain and constantly changing. In a recent usability research project where it studied how its customers were using the software, they discovered that LiquidPlanner could still be simplified to better help their users manage day-to-day work. Together with customer feedback, user requests and validation at the forefront, they launched on August 8 as part of their latest release a new approach to task management called @Work platform.

Streamlined Home Tab

LiquidPlanner @Work is a redesign of the entire work experience which makes it easier for users to stay connected and do great work. First among the changes is a streamlined Home tab. It is now a centralized workspace activity stream where all different comments and activity pages are combined. From a single page, users are able to see all collaboration happening in their workspace. Also available are controls at the top left which allows the users to narrow down the scope of the activity stream so they can focus on the conversations that matters most to them. Users also have access to different widgets that can help them monitor timesheet status or other high-level status about team progress and accomplishments.

liquidplanner home tab

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Re-designed My Work

Another significant change in LiquidPlanner @Work is the re-designed My Work page. As part of Release 56, My Work is a tab in the main navigation across the top of the workspace. Not entirely new, it has been brought back by popular demand, re-imagined and greatly improved. It presents to users all their upcoming tasks as well as information about tasks that have been recently marked done. My Work combines tasks, to-dos, time tracking and collaboration in one page view. With in-line alerts, customizable columns and checklist items, it is now easy for users to know what is important and which needs to be worked on.

liquidplanner mywork tab

The LiquidPlanner My Work tab has a new to-do list that allows users to capture reminders, ideas and other ad hoc items that need to be accomplished in the week. The items are hidden to other workspace members unless it is converted to a task, which is important to do so when it needs to be accounted for in the project plan. In-line edits make it easy for users to track time and make updates efficiently. Up to three columns most important for the user can be displayed and be directly editable. Also, users can take quicker action by clicking any item, which will launch the stand-alone edit panel. From here, users can make detailed task edits, or go to the Projects tab to view tasks in a wider and more meaningful context.

liquidplanner standalone edit

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Timely Daily Digest Emails

Formerly known as Upcoming Task emails, the Daily Digest emails received a major visual overhaul and is now more timely and relevant. Users will get this daily digest email called the Monday Morning Edition before their work day starts. It provides information about the progress of each week, what tasks are of highest priority, and brings to attention important and urgent status information. The links in this email will bring the users to the corresponding area of their workspace. It will also contain reminders for timesheet submittals, for stopping timers and other timesheets with relevant tasks that are highlighted.

liquidplanner daily digest

Navigational Changes

LiquidPlanner @Work has been carefully re-designed so people can use it to get work done, and not just to plan and analyze work. Navigational changes were made to make life of users a little easier. These include the inclusion of My Work and Timesheet tabs in the main navigation. The search bar is available across the entire workspace. Workspace Settings has been moved under the user (avatar) menu, with no changes to Settings itself. For more of the latest news and updates in LiquidPlanner, please visit their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn page.

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