LiquidPlanner Latest Release 52 – New and Redesigned Features

liquidplanner logoLiquidPlanner is an online project management software that meets all the needs of an organization. From multiple projects, multi-scheduling, task management to time tracking and analytics, it provides stakeholders a realistic plan that helps them deliver projects on time, create winning strategies, and show team members how they contribute to achieving the company’s vision. Release 52, which came online on January 10, 2015, adds more functionality such as multiple owners on a task, a redesigned Edit Panel, and other new features as well as changes and fixes.

Multiple Owners on a Task

LiquidPlanner listened to customers and so added the ability to assign a task to multiple owners. The power of collaboration is now captured better as important tasks where more than one person is involved can be easily and more accurately taken into consideration. Furthermore, flexibility is included so that work that is either done simultaneously or one after another will be easily tracked. Assigning more people on a task can be done by going to the Edit Panel and clicking Add People. From the pop-up list, users can select the names of the other owners. And on the Estimate?, the number of hours can be entered for that owner’s share of work.

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Working on a single task can mean that multiple owners will work simultaneously to finish it quicker. It is also possible that work will proceed one after another as each owner completes his or her part of the effort. By default, the schedule is set to Work Independently, so that owners can proceed to work on the task simultaneously. However, if an owner must complete his or her work before the next owner can start, then the schedule must be set to Work In Order. As before, the entire task can be marked Done. It will also be marked Done when each assignment of every owner is also marked Done.

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Schedule Bars

Another new feature brought about by the Multi-Owners function in LiquidPlanner online project management software is new schedule bars. They now have a flatter design, and the pop-up supports multiple owners on a task. Also, it displays the remaining effort, and when they are expected to start and end their work if they are scheduled to work in order. There are also new Highlight Critical Path and Filter to Critical Path function that are available directly from the schedule bar.

liquidplanner schedule bar

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Redesigned Edit Panel

The Edit Panel has been redesigned to accommodate the new features as well as giving the user a better experience. The same fields still appear so there will be no need for retraining, but their placements have been moved to sections that are more relevant to have them. For instance, the Project, Package and Client associations have been moved into the first section of the panel, together with Description and Tags. The jump links at the top have been turned into icons, where clicking them will lead the user to the different sections of the panel. There is a new Log Your Progress link and many other changes.

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Other Updates and Changes

LiquidPlanner online project management software also included API changes that require code update because of the new multi-owners feature. There is now a need to refresh the project plan when changes are made in the fields in the Edit Panel. In the Analytics, the Add Report has been renamed Create Report. There is also a new filter by Tag on the Baseline Analytics Report. To learn of the other many changes and updates on Release 52, visit their website or their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages.

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