LeanKit Latest Release Features New Connections

leankit logoLeanKit visual project management and workflow mapping application has made available exciting functionality in its latest release for its Portfolio Edition accounts. It has three product editions, namely the Basic, Team, and Portfolio. The Portfolio Edition is ideal for organizations that use Kanban across multiple teams, projects, and locations. With the new Connections feature, visibility, collaboration and tracking are greatly improved, providing the right level of details, with the ability to see potential problems across multiple boards.

Enhanced Drill-Throughs Now Called Connections

Even before, LeanKit has provided so-called drill-through relationships that allow users to establish between a parent card on one board and one or multiple child cards on another board. This same drill-through has been renamed as Connections but with several important enhancements. A new Connections tab is now available to easily create, remove, and manage relationships between cards. New rollup statistics are available to show progress of work across multiple boards. The option to drill through has been replaced with either to Breakout to a New Board or to Delegate to an Existing Board. Also, it is possible to have a Taskboard and a Connection associated with the same card.

LeanKit Connections Dashboard

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Improved Visibility Across Multiple Boards

Connections that provide better visibility can be created in two ways. Users can go to the Connections tab of each card or select Connections from the card’s dropdown menu. From here, they can select the option Breakout to a New Board where a new board is created and assumes the title of the parent card. It is a simple board with a To Do/Doing/Done layout meant to be used by the same team, so users, card types and security permissions are automatically applied. The option Delegate to an Existing Board prompts users to select an existing board. After Connections have been created, they can start adding child cards. Removing a Connection is done by going to the Connections tab and selecting the option Remove Connection. This can also be done from the card’s dropdown menu.

leankit create connections


The face of the parent card now includes an icon to indicate that a Connection exists. From the face of the parent card, warning indicators can alert teams that child cards have issues. A yellow warning signifies blocked and/or late child cards. A red warning signals that the planned finished date at the child level has exceeded the planned finished date at the parent level. Rollup information also provides total number of child cards, number of blocked cards, planned and actual start and finish dates of both parent and child cards, progress or location of the cards, and other insights to help show LeanKit users the status of connected items.

leankit connections icon

leankit connections expanded

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What To Use When

LeanKit visual project management application has included the enhanced Connections feature to give users greater flexibility and visibility in the way they work and manage their workflow. The changes brought on by the new Connections enable stakeholders to have the right visibility to make informed decisions. It is now easier for teams to track work across multiple boards and improve their collaboration. Together with the other features, users now have greater ability to identify schedule issues and other potential problems. The LeanKit Connections feature is also available for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Get to know the latest through their social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

leankit what to use when



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