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leading successful pmos book coverLeading Successful PMOs: How to Build the Best Project Management Office for Your Business explains to the reader the benefits of having a PMO, but more importantly how to lead in the best and most relevant way towards continual organizational improvement. Studies have shown that organizations have profited from having a PMO, but not all were successful in building one. Certain factors and qualities as well as the right people are essential to build an effective PMO, and this book provides guidance to organizations and project managers alike how to set it up, maximize it, and obtain the benefits.

Book Details

This first hardcover edition was published by Routledge Publishing on February 26, 2016. A Kindle edition is also available. It has 206 pages and is about 0.8 inch thick. The front cover displays the title in very large fonts. The author’s name is visibly displayed at the bottom, the subtitle above it, and a background image of several gray arrows falling down an edge except for a green arrow that extended straight well beyond the edge. ISBN-10: 1409418375; ISBN-13: 978-1409418375


$59.95 for the hardcover edition and $47.36 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Leading Successful PMOs is for project managers who are are leading their PMOs or are PMO members, for executives and business leaders, and for project managers and staff who are contributing to and receiving guidance from PMOs.

What Customers Say

Mark Price Perry described the book as a practical reference, and congratulated the author for spotlighting that the PMO is about leadership and achievement.

T. Magee stated that the book provided humor, insight and applied knowledge that helped the reader to develop a PMO structure and methodologies for a client.

Denise Callahan stated that she received great advice and a great amount of useful information as a PMO manager on the types of PMO, adapting to an organizational culture, and promoting the PMO, among others from reading the book.

Content, Approach, Style

Leading Successful PMOs is divided into an Introduction, 5 chapters, and 8 Appendices. The Introduction described what the book is, who the intended readers are, how it can help, what it is not, what it offers, and how it can be used. Chapter 1 discusses the many meanings of a PMO and its purpose. Chapter 2 describes what makes it successful. The third chapter details the characteristics to be a successful PMO leader, and the fourth chapter provides guidance how to set up a PMO. Chapter 5 clears out some concepts and misconceptions. The appendices provide additional checklists and resources.

The book is organized for easy reading with a little humor. However, the coverage of the subject is comprehensive. It has short paragraphs of readable length. Language used is simple, and where special terms are used, they are usually defined. It has lists, footnotes and figures that draws attention to important principles and concepts.

Why Buy the Book

Leading Successful PMOs is about the important leadership qualities and characteristics that a project professional needs to effectively set up a relevant and functional PMOs that are naturally complex, to provide guidance and service to both project managers and the rest of the business organization.

Books that Complement

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Robert Michael Gates’ A Passion for Leadership is about the experience and lessons learned of the former US Secretary of Defense.


Peter TaylorPeter Taylor is a successful project management professional who has established global PMOs for companies. He is Head of Global PMO at Kronos Incorporated, a privately held US-based provider of workforce management solutions. He is also the Chief Lazy Officer of his own management consulting company, providing presentations around the world, teaching his audience and clients how to work smarter, not harder and gain success in work/life balance. He has previous experience in MRP/ERP systems, Business Intelligence, and Lifecycle Management. He is now spending his time leading PMOs and developing project managers. His has also authored/co-authored books such as The Lazy Winner and The Lazy Project Manager, among others. He can be reached via his website, Twitter or LinkedIn.

$59.95 for the hardcover edition and $47.36 for the Kindle edition


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