Latest AceProject Enhancements as of November 2013

AceProjectAfter the enhancements made during the summer, the people behind AceProject got really busy in putting in more powerful features to the project tracking software. The modifications and enhancements done last June and July focused on Time modules and ease of use. After that, the team zeroed in on bug fixes, modifications and performance enhancements on a wide area which help project organizing, tracking and collaborating become a more valuable experience.

Custom Task Report Enhancements

AceProject’s Custom Task Reports extract and present all tasks filtered to the user’s needs and preference. Additional enhancements have been made to give the user more control in editing and listing these reports. For instance, a Private/Public/Administrator access type has now been implemented that will allow or not allow others to view and/or modify a report. Also, users can select their favorite report, mark it as Preferred, and it will open on the Home tab for quicker access. Another latest enhancement is the ability to copy existing reports in the custom task report list screen.

aceproject custom task report screenshot

Time Clock Module Enhancements

AceProject users can now place time against a project aside from just against a task. Also, they can now modify time even if it is already running. One simply has to move the date or time ahead or back, and no information will be lost. Even if a user’s time entry has been recorded, he or she can still change the beginning and/or ending of a time entry. These changes are flagged and therefore tracked in both the Time Approval and Time Report functions. Another latest enhancement is the display of the remaining hours, total and for the user, in the time clock screen.


Task Creation and Viewing Enhancements

Users can now create tasks directly from an email and then send it to those who will be assigned to perform the task. An email address is unique for each project and copying this address to the To: section automatically creates the Task Summary, the body of the email becomes the Description, and attachments also become part of the task. Also, with a Task Reminder settings added in the Edit My Profile page, users can select if they want to view assigned only, to-review only, or both types of tasks.


Quick Upload, Export Improvements and Other Enhancements

A Quick Upload area was added in the right pane of the main task Edit screen. This will allow users to upload directly and associate documents with a comment using fewer mouse clicks. A mouseover action in the column header area of a project or task list will bring out a Show/Hide Columns option. In the task lists, there is now improved control over the Summary column width. From the weekly timesheet page, a Time Clock item can be copied as a normal time item. The limit on export number of lines has been increased to 25,000 lines. Extraction of large data is processed on the background with email notification upon availability. Smaller extraction below 1000 records is downloaded in real time.


More to Come

Aside from enhancements, there were also bug fixes such as correcting the appearance of the AceProject logo instead of the client logo in email notifications. There were modifications in reducing line spacing in rich text fields. Fixes were made to correct things into good things. Modifications were done to make good things into better ones. And performance enhancements were added to transform a better project tracking software into the best. The year may be coming to an end but the improvements to AceProject and the benefits for its users are far from over. If you need a great extension to AceProject, we recommend

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