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KPI Software: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

KPI is an integrated business management software designed to help small and medium-sized companies manage their business effectively. It is an all-in-one cloud-based business platform that introduces savings by enabling companies to manage all their business activities with one solution that is highly accessible and ready for collaboration regardless of team location. Tools include support for customer relationship management, project management, basic accounting, HR, payroll, reporting and more. The tools are integrated, and information can be shared across modules and users in real-time.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Customer Relationship Management – KPI’s CRM module is fully automated. Users can simply add a lead-capture web form and the system can receive leads automatically. Leads are automatically created when people sign up on websites or send emails to the message center. Then, emails are automatically sent to the case management module. Case assignment is also automated with the help of filters. Project managers can assign cases manually to specific resolvers. Inboxes are synchronized for communication with the team and clients. Other features include mass mailing, integration with Gmail and Outlook, sales funnel analysis, and custom reporting.
  • Project Management – The integrated business management software also has a Gantt chart that allows users to easily plan projects and schedule tasks. It provides greater project visibility and details with sub-tasks, dependencies and timesheet hours. Timesheets enable project managers to compare estimates with actual hours. Other features include document sharing per project, task and work stream. It also has versioning features, and integration with Google Docs and MS Office 365 platforms. The system allows managing of material resources such as laptops, projectors, and other machinery with the corresponding cost of usage.
  • HR, Payroll, Accounting, and more – KPI has attendance tracking, and even works with fingerprint scanners. A self-service HR module allows employees to track their own timesheets and payroll data, request for leaves, and access other HR-related information. Each employee has a calendar that contains calls, tasks, events, holidays, and more. It integrates with payroll that manages compensation data, with option to set up rules and make payments depending on performance. The Accounting module enables users to manage project or sales invoices, purchase order requests and approvals. Other features include sending purchase orders directly to suppliers via email, asset tracking, cash flow, balance sheet, inventory, reporting tools, and more. The software also integrates with Facebook, Google Apps, Amazon, Google Drive, Office 365 and OneDrive.


KPI offers four premium plans with different user limits and features included. For example, the Mini plan priced at $299 per year includes up to 2 users, 2 of the main modules, My Workspace, document management, integration with Google, and email support. Higher plans include higher number of users and more features. A free trial period is available, although details are not available for how long. It also offers add-ons and optional consulting services at one-time payment.

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Target Market

KPI is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises looking for an integrated business solution. Customers can start with the lowest plan and upgrade to include more business modules as business grows. A cloud-based solution is also ideal for companies with remote branches and distributed teams.

Supported Languages

Supports English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, and Arabic (beta) languages.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Financial IT, Egyptian CPAs, Flashpoints Risk Management, Expansis Xenel, and Geomatic Consulting International


Chris Principe stated that KPI.com offers many tools that they need, such as mass mailing, projects, and invoicing. Custom reports help them analyze data, white timesheets help in cost management.

Jorge de la Garza stated the business management software helps them monitor multiple projects with many users involved. They are able to keep track of their tasks as well as the task of others.


KPI as a SaaS tool is readily available to small and growing businesses without much capital cost. It is scalable and flexible to accommodate different company sizes and business growth. The modules are integrated and allows for quick information sharing, collaboration and custom reporting to provide business insight for managing customer relations and making the best decisions.

Company Info

KPI.com is a product of Finnet Technologies Ltd, a privately held IT and services company with offices in London, UK, and Dubai, UAE. Finnet is founded in 2004 by Muzaffar Karabaev, its CEO and software designer. Finnet started in offshore software development, web design, data analysis, benchmarking and research services to digital media clients. However, in 2007, it moved away from the services model to development of cloud-based SaaS B2B applications. In 2008, it started building its first SaaS app called Workforcetrack ERP. The beta launched in 2010, and was later rebranded as KPI.


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