Knack Releases Latest Builder Improvements, Other Updates

KnackKnack is an online database software and web application builder. It makes it easy for any business to use data and transform it into an application that leverages information, supports processes, and enhances connection with minimal to zero coding. Today, thousands of customers use the software to manage and share company data using applications they themselves have built. The latest updates improve how users can navigate through the Builder tool and make it even easier to design and build their customized web applications.

Builder Navigation Improvements

Knack database software provides the tools that enable users to build just the right interface for their business application. From simple forms and tables to calendars and reports, users rely on the App Builder tool to create the application without the need for complex codes. Therefore, using the Builder should be as simple as possible. Several improvements and changes have been introduced in how users can navigate through.

UI Reorganization

First, a new Knack button is now available at the top left of the navigation panel. Clicking this button will instantly take users to their account dashboards wherever they are in the Builder.

Knack Dashboard Fields

A new app settings menu is also available. The reorganization of the settings menu has now positioned it just next to the app’s name. This provides a more intuitive placement of how to access the settings.

Knack Contact Directory

Moreover, the Help menu has been updated. Now, more options are available to users to find the assistance they need. From here, they can make a specific search, go to the knowledge base, or seek assistance from community members. Users can also notice a new message button in the bottom right corner of the screen. They can now easily open a chat and connect with another Knack member.

Knack Fields

Last, some field icons have been updated to provide more recognizable features even at a glance. The linked field is back to using its old connection icon, and connections is now displaying a new fancy icon.

Knack Connections

Other Product Updates

Knack continues to work on updates to create a better experience. Aside from the Builder Navigation improvements, other updates include a new highlighted green background on any new field created when importing. This is meant for easier tracking of data fields. From a dropdown in the Pages menu, new links have been added enabling a user to embed and view start pages. Also, on the eyeball icon, a “view live app ” text is now displayed. On the mobile side, the “add to home screen ” feature is now available to users of Apple devices. A similar feature will be available to Android users in the future.

Build the online database app you need

Knack is constantly working to provide all its customers not only the easiest way to build the database web application, but to be able to do it in the simplest but elegant way. The software is regularly updated with new features. Recently, new User Pages that allows the Account Settings page to be customized like other pages has also been announced. For more of the latest features and other updates, visit Knack also on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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