Knack Major Features Added in 2015

knackhq logoKnack online database builder is continuously transforming to become the easiest way for both technical and non-technical users to build online databases and web applications. 2015 is a great year where they have added many new features and many new users who also requested some of the features now available. Some of these are new ways to combine connections to a view, new layouts for search, an upgraded equation editor with a new library of functions, an easier way for copying and moving pages and views, and many more.

Powerful Connection Upgrades

Knack has the ability to combine fields from one-to-one relationship or connection in the past. For example, displaying the table Employees can also include fields from the table Companies to show the company each employee is connected to. Now, it has upgraded its connections such that it can include fields from many connections. Using a similar example, displaying the table Companies can include multiple data in the fields from table Employees to show the multiple employees connected to a single company.

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Since users now are able to display values from more than one record, they have the option to separate those values either with a new line or with a comma. Users can also add links to any connected values to other pages. By clicking the link, the user will be transferred to a page that can show more details. To add connection fields to forms, users now have more options with a searchable dropdown, checkboxes to connect to more than one records, or radio button to connect to a single record.

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Flexible Search Upgrades

Knack online database builder added new search and filter components in 2015 to improve users’ ability to find data and information. This includes more flexible search layouts that can display filters into up to 3 columns, control label placement, group filters together and add titles and instructions. Improvements were also made in using multiple choice and connection fields where a single option or many options can be selected, be displayed as dropdowns or checkboxes and radio buttons, and choose to show results either for any match or all matches.

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New Equation Editor

When Knack first launched their equation editor, they decided to keep it simple with basic arithmetic functions. However, users immediately started requesting for all sorts of functions that led to complex computations such as mortgage amortization and equipment depreciation functionality. Recently, an upgraded equation editor with new library functions was released. With a typing based approach, users will see a dropdown of fields and functions that autocomplete as they type. Additional contextual information in how to use them are available, as well as feedback on how the function or field works and whether they are valid. Users can also use conditional rules to include logic with field values to create conditional equations.

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More Features

Another feature that has been added in Knack in 2015 is the ability to drag any view in the UI to move or copy it to another eligible page. After dropping it into a page, the user should confirm whether he or she wants to move or copy the view. Aside from views and pages, objects and fields can be copied as well.

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Another feature added is the ability to enhance tables with new layout and display rules that show different colors, icons and text styles. Users can display icons for different project statuses, display expiring dates in red, or display high priority leads in bold. Users also now can add multiple groups to reports and view email delivery logs to check which recent emails have been delivered. To check for the latest 2016 updates, visit Knack’s Twitter page.

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