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kevin ciccottiProject management methodologies have helped countless organizations in effectively managing projects in a logical way. It has aided teams achieve objectives by providing the right guidance in the analysis of requirements, planning of the right sequence of tasks, and periodic checking of progress. However, all work is accomplished by people, who as human beings operate in a different way from work organizations, having emotions and creating relationships. Unfortunately, project methodologies offer little practical guidance in these areas. And here is where Kevin Ciccotti can come in to offer his brand of help.

Introducing Kevin Ciccotti

Kevin Ciccotti has over 25 years of working experience, 16 of which are in management position, for gaming and video manufacturing company IGT. He has also taught graphic design courses in Truckee Meadows Community College where he has received his degrees in Graphic Design and Business Management. Since 2008, he has been helping individuals, teams and organizations as a professional coach in building better relationships and improving leadership skills that create success. Kevin has launched the Human Factor Formula site to promote his services and share the answers that he has studied and discovered about human and work relationships.

Project Management Trainer

Kevin Ciccotti has trained project managers from around the world. His signature workshop provides his clients the knowledge that enables them to be more confident as they create empowered teams. Project management methodologies have guided professionals in how to deal with schedules, data, deliverables, milestones and other aspects, but very little in how to deal with people, the ones that actually do the work. His training factors in the role that emotions play in teams, and will help training participants lead those teams to success.

Certified Professional Coach

Kevin is a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. He is also a Certified Professional Co-active Coach by the Coaches Training Institute. He received training from the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, whose mission is to promote harmony and effectiveness in social systems. Kevin Ciccotti provides coaching for executives, for project managers, and for groups/teams. It has been proven that organizations with coaching programs have reported an ROI of almost six times their investment, and many of these organizations are either increasing or maintaining their commitment to having a coaching program.

Keynote Speaker, Blogger

Kevin Ciccotti‘s signature presentation is titled The Human Factor in Project Management. It is for project managers who wish to improve their leadership and interpersonal skills. His presentation will enable listeners to spend more time leading and less time managing issues. They will be able to reduce stress and increase productivity, feel more confident and make more effective decisions. In another presentation, he lists the five best practices for exceptional leadership. He also maintains a blog in his Human Factor Formula site where he shares insights and experiences that explain why people do the things they do, and the things that make the biggest differences in people’s lives.

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Helping Leaders Build Relationships for Project Success

Looking at the big picture, business is really about relationships. And it goes beyond owner-customer relationships, as it includes manager-staff relationship, relationship in teams, with external partners, and so on. If the relationship is hurt or broken, so is the business. Kevin Ciccotti believes that effectively leading others is directly linked to the quality of one’s relationship with them. With the tools and strategies that include the human factor, he is able to impart to his clients the knowledge and techniques to lead people, make them committed, inspired and engaged for sustainable success. To know more about Kevin, visit his Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.

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