Kanban Successful Evolutionary Change – A Book

kanban-logoKanban: Successful Evolutionary Change intends to teach the software developers and project managers about the concepts of Kanban. Over a period of time, Kanban has become a very popular methodology to visualize and manage the projects in the fields of software development and Information Technology. Teams all over the world are implementing Kanban to their development processes. This methodology speeds up the cultural change and provides increased business agility. This book is helpful in understanding the Kanban, why it should be applied, and what is the right approach of implementing it. It also answers questions like how can you identify growth opportunities and what should be done about them?

Book Details

This book comes in paperback format. It was published in April 7, 2010 by Blue Hole Press. This book is 0.8 inches thick, and consists of 278 pages. It has an Amazon best seller rank of #28754. Additionally, it has received average customer rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. ISBN-10: 0984521402; ISBN-13: 978-0984521401


$35.85 for the book edition


Target Audience

This book provides valuable information for project managers and information technology personnel who wish to improve their performance. Additionally, this book is also recommended to software development professionals who need to streamline their work while developing new software projects. It helps in completing the work in time with most the effective manner.

What Customers Say

Ric Merrifield (Amazon) was quite impressed by the book, and considered it a book that everyone should read. He further explained that this book is not specifically for the techies. People from other fields can find helpful information in this book to improve the quality of their work.

Adam P. (Amazon) considered this book to be exquisite as it provided a very useful perspective on completing IT projects. He appreciated the fact that the book had high quality pictures to describe the Kanban concepts.

Content, Approach, Style

The author has adopted the best approach in describing Kanban to the readers. In Chapter 1 of Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change, he deals with the topic of organizational constraints and how to tackle them effectively. He tells the readers that some constraints must be dealt with as soon as possible, even if the project team members have opposing views about them. As the reader proceeds through the book, the author discusses the approaches for implementing Kanban. He explains that Kanban is just like the ticketing system used in car parking, where each visitor is provided with a ticket when entering the parking lot.

Why Buy the Book

This book can solve many problems that may occur during the production stages of different projects. It offers a very effective methodology of resolving bottlenecks that arise during the projects. It is simple yet very compelling. Readers can learn about ways to improve their organizational performance to the next level.

Books that Complement

Kanban and Scrum – Making the Most of Both. This book describes the concepts of Kanban and Scrum, along with their importance in agile software development. It offers an informative view on several Kanban and Scrum approaches to completing software project development work.

Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life. This book provides information on implementing Kanban in personal life. It explains how to do the right work at the required time. The book aims towards improving the productivity of the reader, so that he can achieve the best results from his efforts.


David J. Anderson manages a consulting organization that emphasizes on increasing the performance of different technology companies. He has 30 years of experience in software development. Being an experienced software development professional, he has managed teams using agile software development methodologies for projects at companies like Sprint and Motorola. He has also worked for Microsoft and Corbis.

$35.85 for the book edition


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