Kanban Change Leadership – A Book

Kanban Change Leadership: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement is a book about the concepts of Kanban, the need for change management, and how Kanban can be applied in organizations. It discusses in length the principles and core practices of Kanban. It also provides a process that the reader can implement to establish a culture of continuous improvement within the team and throughout the whole organization.

Book Details

This first edition hardcover measures 6.5 in. x 1 in. x 9.6 in and is approximately 1.5 pounds. The book’s 320 pages is divided into 18 chapters. A Kindle version is also available. It was published in March 2015 by Wiley Publishing in English. ISBN-10: 1119019702; ISBN-13: 978-1119019701


$66.35 for the hardcover version and $46.49 for the Kindle version

Target Audience

Kanban Change Leadership is an ideal text for software and system engineers, IT project managers, commercial and industrial executives and managers. It is also a comprehensive reference for anyone interested in Kanban, those considering a Kanban initiative, or those who have already started.

What Customers Say

M. Rumpler (Amazon) described the book as an all-in-one reference book for organizational developers and process experts. The reader stated that the practical examples bridged the gap between the ideas and the practice. This brought unmatched value to the reader.

Masa M. (Amazon) stated that the book provided a practical perspective, especially on the corporate level side regarding challenges as members of an organization or as consultants. The reader described the book as an entertaining read, and complements other Kanban books.

Julia W. (Goodreads) described it as probably the most comprehensive Kanban book for non-manufacturing systems. She liked the first and third parts of the book since they are more action-oriented. She recommends it as a reference that will be used over and over as one continues down the path to continuous improvement.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: Kanban Change Leadership is divided into 3 parts. The first part discusses the Kanban principles and core practices, its technical basis and the mechanisms required to enact change. Part 2 spans chapters 8 to 13 and covers the ideas of change management and a new paradigm for management and leadership. The last part builds upon the previous parts and relates them to the business environment. Real-world examples are provided to show the different applications.
Approach/Tone: The writers present the concepts in simple and understandable language. Ideas are developed in a smooth manner, and are always summarized so that concepts and lessons are easily remembered.
Style: Headings clearly announce the topics, and discussions are presented in paragraphs of readable length. There are plenty of lists that enumerate and summarize the important concepts discussed. Illustrations and figures also provide visual aid.

Why Buy the Book

Kanban Change Leadership is a comprehensive book about the Kanban method as an effective yet simple, easy-to-implement productivity tool that can provide results very quickly. Kanban is a proven method for helping organizations face the challenges brought about by modern business environment. This reference manual equips the reader with principles, practices, better understanding and practical ways that can be used in different situations and scales. Most importantly, it focuses on people, communication, and continuous improvement.


Klaus Leopold, PhD, is a computer scientist and Kanban pioneer. Dr. Leopold is one of the first accredited Lean Kanban trainers and coaches in the world. He is the managing partner of LEANability GmbH, a management consulting and training company based in Vienna, Austria. He is also a founding member of Lean Kanban University. Dr. Leopold has extensive experience in helping IT organizations, and has written several Kanban books in German. He is on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Siegfried Kaltenecker, PhD, is the managing partner of Loop Organizational Consulting GmbH. Dr. Kaltenecker is a certified Kanban Coaching Professional, a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Owner (CSPO). He has expertise in leadership development, especially in agile business environment; change management, with a particular focus on IT, and organization development. He has worked as a consultant and trainer for over 20 years, and is the author of the InfoQ workbook Leading Self-Organising Teams. He is also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

$66.35 for the hardcover version and $46.49 for the Kindle version

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