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joseph-phillipsWhether we observe our life, our small business, our everyday job, teamwork, writing a book or a large business project, we look exactly at the same – the projects. Whatever we want to achieve, attain and produce, we can set up the project. Setting up the project is extremely important if we want to succeed and deliver expected results. This helps us to define our goals, follow our progress and make an accomplishment. Joseph Phillips, industry expert, author, educator and project management consultant, teaches people how to become more efficient in using their resources effectively and increase profits. His 15 years experience brought his strong skills in guiding business organizations successfully. He provides them with the set of proven methods for starting the project, selecting a good team, apply effective communication skills, determining realistic time limits and costs. His mastery of project management paves the way to success.

Introducing Joseph Phillips

Joseph Phillips is a Project Management Professional and published author of nine books on project management. He founded Instructingcom, LLC and established online Project Management Institute in 2008. Leading a project management education company enabled him to teach and share his experience worldwide. He is considered as a leading authority in the Project Management field. His numerous credentials such as: Project Management Professional, Certified Technical Trainer, CompTIA Project Professional, CompTIA Network+ Professional and CompTIA A Professional confirm his specialty in PM, and the following reflect his strong technical skills: Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Lotus Notes Professional. He can be contacted through his Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

Business Owner and Educator

Based in Sarasota, Florida, Joseph Phillips’ training company delivers online and instructor-led courses based on his long-term educational experience. He has taught since 1993 for different organizations and institutions, just to name a few: Columbia College, Sedona Learning, Ball State University, Vincennes University, the US Navy, JP Morgan Chase etc. His on-site courses take place throughout the world and are available in the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, England, France and Italy. His project management seminars are organized around PMP exam objectives and represent a valuable resource for those who want to improve their career and establish the role as a project manager. Not only does he provide the clients with PM courses, but also with technical and business writing courses. His most visited workshops and seminars are: PMP/CAPM Boot Camp, IT Project Management, Project Management Fundamentals, Train-the-Trainer: CTT, The Lifelong Project etc.

Author and Consultant

capm-logoIn the last 15 years, Joseph Phillips proved himself as a credible author of project management books. His books mostly cover exam topics, prepare the readers for challenging exams and provide practical knowledge on project management in general and in IT area. The books are available throughout the world and published in different languages: Japanese, Spanish, Polish, German and French. His knowledge comes to the fore in his two books: CAPM/PMP Project Management Certification and PMP Project Management Professional Study Guide that provide invaluable guidance to prospective PMPs. The biggest book publishing houses recognized Philips’ creativity and issued his books: McGraw-Hill, the American Management Association (AMACOM), Wiley Press, and Pearson Education.

Phillips’ consulting services are based on his valuable practical experience, books and education. Consulting services are directed to the company’s achievement, creating solutions and increase the benefits. He offers professional support to project managers and their teams through managing complicated projects, identifying problems, coaching, effective communication etc.


Joseph Phillips is also a frequent blogger. On one hand his clear and well-organized articles are an example of the bright mind of the skillful professional, and on the other, of an inventive person. His articles cover project management topics, and simple life topics, as his books. His versatile spirit we can encounter through his most read articles, such as: 25 Things I’ve Learned Since High School, Managing Changes etc.

Making the Experts

Joseph Phillips’ uniqueness reflects through every medium he chooses: through his books and articles or through seminars, training, and workshops. Ability to focus on potential rather than on obstacles is the core of his approach. Empowering people to reach their goals by giving them practical skills and knowledge makes him a true leader on his field. Whether we have a large business project or just want to prepare simple family lunch, all we need to do is to follow Phillips’ practical tips. If we replenish our budget or just enjoy in a good taste of our meal that would be enough. He helps us to become the expert, not only in the business world, but primarily in our own life.

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