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JoomlaLMS is a fully functional learning management system running on the popular Joomla! CMS open source platform. It is a cost-effective solution where individuals and organizations are able to offer and provide an e-learning system or portal without having to invest huge sums of financial resources. Up to 50 percent of the usual costs can be cut when compared to using other options currently available in the market. Moreover, the Joomla! platform provides thousands of ready-made extensions that can help customize and/or integrate a solution without technical complexity or prolonged development activity.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Advanced System and User Settings TechnologyJoomlaLMS learning management system has multi-user language interface. It is customizable for customer branding with a configurable Front page. It is designed and developed using Web 2.0 and Ajax technologies, and complies with SCORM and AICC web-based e-learning standards and specs. It has several built-in user roles, user groups and group management, with customizable user profiles. It can import/export user lists, and has several built-in methods for registration and enrollment.
  • Flexible Course and Learning Management Functionality – The e-learning solution can provide different course categories such as Restricted, Secondary, and even Subcategories. Users can easily set access level to courses associated with user roles. They can also set course availability period, maximum number of attendees, templates, completion criteria and certificates. Users can upload and manage different types of file formats including audio and video for course materials and subscriptions, and add links. They can create surveys, quizzes, with up to 14 different question types, feedback, print/mail results, reports, and statistics. Communication tools included in the system are emails, chat, forums, announcements, course commenting and rating, and live conferences.
  • Powerful Performance Management, Reporting and e-Commerce Capability – This learning management system allows its users to track the performance and grades of its learners, configure grading and assessment scales, track activity statistics and materials usage, and assign homework. Report types include progress reports, completion reports, and material access reports, which can be exported in CSV, TXT, XLS and PDF formats. The system can issue invoices, accept payments through different channels, provide payment statistics and allows VirtueMart integrations.

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JoomlaLMS learning management system is offered as a Trial edition, a Standard edition, and a Professional edition. The Trial version is free and can be downloaded immediately from the site after registration. Features are limited since the Trial edition’s objective is to acquaint users with the software package. The Standard edition is priced at $299 and includes free support via helpdesk, chat and forum, free software updates, and free customization by the JoomlaLMS team. The Professional edition is priced at $799 and includes advanced features such as open source code, front-end branding, highest priority support, advanced reporting, document folder permissions, and custom user roles and permissions, among others.

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Target Market

JoomlaLMS is for any individual, group, organization or e-learning company that needs a learning management system to easily and professionally offer study material online.

Supported Languages

The interface supports multiple language with its language switcher plugin.

Some of their Clients

Clients include schools, colleges and universities from different countries such as the University of Colorado, the Scandinavian University, Universidad Vasconcelos, and Universitaria Formatic Barna. Other clients from non-profits and industries include eLearn2Earn, Qantas Airlines, Cardiovascular Research Foundation, Hanabi, MarketMotive, Rezidor Hotel Group, Western Union, and many more.

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Tim Moore of Image Works Media described the JoomlaLMS team as fantastic. He also stated that their attention to detail and timely delivery for his customization was incredible.

Vincent Zhou of Next Digital described the installation without any problems. Has fast and easy course creation, advanced options such as the Learning Path, professional looking quizzes, good interactivity and tracking.

Why JoomlaLMS

A learning management system can be a significant investment for an e-learning company. What sets JoomlaLMS from other options is its real value-for-money features that is extensive, standards-compliant, and powerful, a highly responsive and professional team for customization and support services, and a proven track record that is backed up by thousands of international satisfied customers.

Company Info

JoomlaLMS is a privately held, self-funded company with headquarters in Minsk, Belarus. It was founded in 2006 by a group of IT managers and Joomla CMS developers working in the e-learning field. With the resources from Belitsoft software development, the company created a complete learning management system that quickly became popular to the e-learning community because of its extensive set of tools, a very affordable price, and its ease of use where even people of little or no programming background can readily use. Today, the company has over 1000 customer organizations and private companies in over 34 countries. Development efforts are ongoing, with the aim of becoming the leader in providing professional and affordable e-learning solutions to individuals, businesses and educational structures of all sizes.

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