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Johanna RothmanSome companies find themselves in trouble with their product development or software projects because the conditions when they started are not the same anymore just several months after. Indeed, several factors are causing a dramatic shift in the commercial and industrial landscapes, such as IT innovations, tighter regulations or decreasing market share. Those who are not ready for this shift are finding themselves swamped with more work than they can accomplish. Projects are late, people are getting frustrated and leaving the organization, and customers are disappointed with the products or services. Owners and managers know there are issues, but do not know where or how to fix them. In these situations, Johanna Rothman can be of great help.

Introducing Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant, Business Owner

Johanna Rothman is the owner of Rothman Consulting Group, Inc., a business management consulting group specializing in software projects. It was incorporated in 1994 and is based in Arlington, MA, USA. Johanna manages a virtual team of consultants where one or more consultants work together with the client as needed. She received in 1977 both a BA in English Literature and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Vermont. She also has an MS in Systems Engineering from Boston University.

Johanna has worked in several capacities and at different engineering management positions. As a management consultant, she performs process, project and/or functional assessments as well as structured facilitation and informal communications. She can fill in as temporary manager while she looks for a suitable replacement. Johanna can also work as a measurement coach and expert witness in all phases of software product development.

Management Coach

There are times when owners and managers feel perplexed about their situation, baffled and unable to move. They know the problem can be solved, but just do not know where to begin. During these times when people feel stumped, Johanna Rothman suggests getting the services of a professional coach. She offers a project portfolio coaching where she teaches clients how to manage their projects, portfolio and make progress. She also helps managers who want to move to agile, manage their projects and programs in an agile and lean way, use tools such as Kanban, and more. She also offers PM mentoring, executive coaching, and one-on-one or group coaching.

Blogger, Writer, Book Author

Johanna blogs about all aspects of management in Managing Development. It is a blog about how people manage other people, projects and risks. Her latest blog talks about how the product roadmap should not be seen as the project portfolio as they optimize different outputs. The other blog is Hiring Technical People and contains tips about how to hire better or find a new job. She also writes a newsletter called The Pragmatic Manager. It has common sense, down-to-earth ideas about managing projects, people, or individual work. Johanna has authored several books including Behind Closed Doors, Predicting the Unpredictable, Diving for Hidden Treasures, Manage Your Job Search, and Hiring Geeks That Fit, among others.

Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

As part of her management consulting services, Johanna Rothman also provide keynote speaking engagements and presentations which she can customize for individual client organizations. Among her keynote topics are project management, project portfolio management, management or leadership for agile transition, hiring, job search, and many others. Johanna’s public workshops tackle how to work effectively in geographically distributed agile project teams, pragmatic project management, and managing project portfolio. She also offers in-house workshops for people involved in project management and those involved in hiring.

jrothman consulting

Helping Managers and Leaders Do Reasonable Things At Work

Johanna Rothman believes that every client’s circumstance is unique. As a coach, she helps managers and their organizations identify their unique strengths and manage their weaknesses. She suggests options, help them plan accomplish those activities and guide them through those changes, but it will be the client who will ultimately decide on the appropriate set of actions. To learn more of Johanna’s services, as well as the testimonials of her previous customers, you can visit her Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn page.

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