JIRA Agile Releases Newest Version 6.6

jira logoJIRA work planning and project tracking software for teams has made available the newest release of JIRA Agile. Version 6.6 continues to provide teams of all sizes and discipline the power of agile with much ease. Agile teams can easily create and estimate stories, manage their backlogs and sprints, and monitor their velocity and progress, all with a highly visual tool. The latest release includes a most requested feature to configure displayed cards and to better assign work for optimization.

Configure Agile Cards to show Rich Data

JIRA Agile 6.6 now includes a feature that many users have requested. They wanted to be able to configure the cards displayed on the rapid board. It is basically a request to make cards more customizable to enable users display rich data on the cards in an agile context. Now, teams can add three new fields in plan mode and work mode. They are now able to add unique and important elements that display vital contextual information easily seen by team members at all times.

jira agile customize card 1

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The custom fields displayed in plan mode can be different from those displayed in work mode. Each phase has its own focus, so the data being displayed should take this in consideration. Some of the possible data that can be displayed via the custom fields are due date, customer information, or business value. JIRA Agile 6.6 allows for the customization of cards per board with any field. To do this, a user must go to board configuration and choose Card layout.

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Optimize Workflow with Specialists

JIRA Agile 6.6 helps teams plan, estimate, prioritize and deliver faster with higher quality. This is possible through easy distribution of knowledge across the team. But agile is also about adapting, and there are times that specialists are needed to work in between teams to further optimize their skill set and also help the team to become more responsive and evolved in a more appropriate scale. The latest release allows the pre-assignment of work to specialists whether in the current or in future sprints. This also helps clear out the issues of over or under assignment of work to specialists who may work across several teams.

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In the plan mode, the top of each sprint shows the developers or assignees who have work assigned to them. By placing the mouse pointer to hover on the profile picture of the assignee, a small popup would show the amount of work assigned in terms of story points or time units. The information that will show depends on how the board is configured. When the ‚Äòmore’ button is clicked, a detailed breakdown of the pre-assigned work for the entire sprint will then be displayed.

jira agile preassign work 2

Flexible Planning, Transparent Execution

JIRA Agile 6.6 has features that allow for flexible planning of work, whether in Scrum or in Kanban. Users can adopt with flexibility the best agile practices that work for their organization. The highly visual and intuitive interface provides fast update of status as well as allow for direct editing of the details of user stories for all team members. To get the latest updates, one can visit Atlassian’s Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or YouTube page.

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