Is Workplace Surveillance Digital Dirty Work?

Nowadays, a lot of people and companies use workplace surveillance tools and software. There are many reasons that contribute to it and we will talk about these in the next sections. However, there is no denying that workplace surveillance has a need of the hour due to changing dynamics, security concerns and data breach incidents.

Termination of the Employees

It has been reported that an increasing number of employees are terminated and fired from the job after the companies catch them red-handed involved in fishy activities. This is just one reason. But another one is the engagement of the employees in irrelevant activities at the workplace. For example, they spend a major chunk of their time while using the internet, watching videos, using social media and thus end up wasting their time.

Such activities and workplace rule violation are observed with the use of surveillance tools and rebuild workplace trust with effective tips. There are a good number of advanced options that allow companies to track their staff, check their online activities, hold them accountable for low productivity and why they are careless. It was not possible before this. Now everything is recorded and this leads to termination of employees from their jobs.

It is also important to note that many employees who were terminated from their jobs confessed to their involvement in illegal, irrelevant and useless activities. 26% of People were fired from the job for they were engaged in irrelevant browsing activities. Many companies and employers consider it a serious violation of workplace laws for employee monitoring. And the same number of workers, 25%, were removed from their jobs because they had been sending inappropriate emails while they were at work.

Why Workplace Surveillance is on the Rise?

For a lot of people, it may not be easy to comprehend why workplace surveillance has increased in recent years as compared to the past. Many factors have contributed to this that we are going to discuss below:

One of the major reasons for workplace surveillance is a security issue. These days, companies are faced with serious security challenges. Few companies have lost data as well as faced huge financial losses because of weak security at the workplace. This is the primary reason that prompted employers and companies to think about workplace surveillance.

Another common reason is to deal with rogue employees in the workplace. Many people reach offices late, waste most of their time, spend the rest of time in chit chat, leave office without telling the managers and their output is reducing with the passage of time. These things were troublesome for a boss who pays to the employees but they are not sincere with their job.

The third and important reason is to increase the productivity of the employees. Now every single office has internet, and the employees are provided with computers, tablets and even phones by the companies. They spend a huge amount of their time while using social media, watching videos, spend time in movies and waste their time. With workplace surveillance tools, this thing has been dealt with properly.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, workplace surveillance has increased manifold as compared to the past. Companies have improved their workplace security as well as protected the sensitive and important data. Employees are also working their best because they know the bosses are watching them. It has also helped increase employees’ productivity. In other words, surveillance has been beneficial for most of the companies.

When it Becomes Dirty Work?

We have talked about the main and important reasons why companies and employers use workplace surveillance tools. The sole purpose is to improve data security, protect data and increase the productivity of the employees. To these extents, surveillance is fine and allowed.

But sometimes, it becomes dirty work. It is important to mention here that there are federal as well as state laws that govern how the companies will monitor their staff and employees at the workplace. Everyone is supposed to follow the rules and keep their monitoring within the limits mentioned in the laws.

However, there are people who don’t care about transparency. The data collected is misused. People are blackmailed with their recording and it becomes an offence or a crime. Many employees lose their jobs when the companies start tracking them beyond the limits, like using a phone tracker, and transparency is not maintained in the data collection.

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