Intervals Software Updates: As Requested By The Customer

intervals-logoIntervals is a powerful web-based time tracking and task management software from Pelago. Created for web designers and developers, they offer a flexible option for small businesses in 100 countries. In response to customer requests, they’ve integrated Google Drive, Slack, and Xero. Updates also added a spanning calendar view, streamlined document uploads, and a service uptime page.

1.Drag and Drop Document Uploads

Intervals streamlined the uploading process for project, milestone, and task documentation. Now, users can upload more than one document simply by selecting and dragging. First select the document tab of any project, milestone or task. Second, just click the upload button to launch the option.



2.Google Drive integration

Intervals added the ability to attach Google Drive documents to any project, milestone or task. Once you select the upload button, Google Drive appears in the menu. After you authorize your account, attach any document in your drive to any part of the project.



3. Slack integration

Intervals now works with Slack. First, log into your account. Then under Tasks, pick the Request Queue. The “Manage Slack Settings ” link is in the left column.



4. Xero integration

Intervals now speaks Xero. No more copying invoices twice. From the export icon, chose Xero. Now you have a Xero friendly CSV file.



5. New Task Calendar View

Intervals added a spanning view to the calendar. By checking off the “Tasks ” box on the right-hand column, you get an easy to read visual representation of tasks, who owns them and their start and end date. If you need to reschedule a task, simply drag it to another day. All of this without any impact on the task filtering capabilities.



6. Uptime Status Page

Intervals created a new page to track the platforms reliability. This page shows six months of uptime statistics. It is refreshed every 30 minutes.




In short

Intervals is listening to their customers. To improve the platform’s flexibility, they enabled integration with several applications. All five pricing plans come with SSL 256-bit encryption, unlimited clients, contacts, invoices, tasks, and milestones. The cost depends on how much storage you need, from 5GB to unlimited. Take advantage of a free trial and find the plan that works for you. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, or Youtube.

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