Intervals New Mobile App for Android and iOS

Intervals LogoIntervals provides teams and small businesses a better way to track their time and manage their work. It is a simple but powerful time tracking and task management software with the right combination of tools and features. It enables users to manage projects, generate reports, and execute work to its successful completion. Since 2006, it has been helping its customers and listening to their feedback. Previously, it has an HTML5 mobile-friendly version, but this last week of June, Intervals has released its new mobile app for the iOS and Android platforms.

The New Intervals Mobile App

The initial version of the native Intervals mobile apps for Android and iOS was released to serve as a companion of its desktop version. Users can download them on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Now, they can continue to track time and manage tasks while on the move. Finding oneself still at work even while away from the desk is not an issue anymore. They can continue to be on the same page with the entire team, and up-to-date with the entire workflow with the new mobile app.


Logging in for the first time

Users are given 2 options when logging in for the first time. Each Intervals account comes with its own subdomain. If the user knows their Intervals domain name, they should choose that button and they will be transferred to the next page.

On this page, they should enter their domain name, scroll and choose the subdomain name below, press Done on the lower right side, then press the Continue button.

If the inputs are correct, they will be redirected next to their account login page. Here, users will enter their username and password.

The other login option is to click the ‘Email me a login link’ button. This is handy if users forgot their domain name, or if they wanted to skip the steps in entering the domain name, choosing the subdomain, and entering username and password. When they open their email, they should click the login link and they will be automatically logged in to their Intervals account.

Using The App

On the mobile app menu, users can choose from time tracking, task management, project management, keyword search, and help features. Navigating the app is similar to the desktop experience. Therefore, they can track their time, edit their timesheet, update tasks, and review their projects even when commuting.


Personalized task listings allow them to remotely review and update current workload, for example, when working on a client site. Users can notify their team of updates to their current tasks. They can also receive last minute assignments when not in the office. The gear icon in the Tasks menu can be used to sort and filter results on the task listings page. A right context menu is also available when viewing a project. This will reveal specific project navigation. The keyword search is helpful in quickly finding task or project items.

Getting Help, Giving Feedback

At the bottom of the Intervals new mobile app is the Help menu. From here, users can submit an inquiry, attach a screenshot, or submit a feedback to the support team. All feedback will help Intervals fix any bug and help them prioritize their upcoming releases.

To learn more about the new mobile app, app features or other product announcements, check out Intervals also on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube account.


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