Intervals New Features – HipChat Integration and Colorful Calendar Notes

intervals-logoIntervals web-based project management software is continuously evolving to have the right combination of features that makes it easier for people to manage their tasks, track their time, and take control of their projects. In a previous update, it included task checklists, snapshot reports, and a Kanban board. In its most recent update, a new HipChat integration with its Work Request Queue and a more colorful calendar notes are now available. These new features are helping its customers get organized better and collaborate easier.

New HipChat Integration

HipChat from Atlassian is a team chat built for business. It is a private group chat that is capable of more than just instant messaging. Files can be shared and other applications can be integrated. With its integration with the Work Request Queue, Intervals users will now be notified in their HipChat room when a new work request enters their request queue. Users can easily discuss the new request with their team, click the link to view more details, and finally assign the request as a task.

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Integrating HipChat with Intervals’ work request queue is simple. After users have logged in to their HipChat account, they can click the Group Admin, and then the API menu. They will be asked to create a new API token of the Notification type to enable the integration and notification feature. Upon entering a label for the API and clicking the Create button, a string of characters will be generated at the Token API field. Users need to copy and paste this to their Intervals account. After logging in to Intervals, users should go to Tasks > Request Queue > Manage HipChat Settings. Paste the API Token in the proper field and click the Send Test Message to verify the integration before saving the setting.

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Intervals project management software was originally built out of a ticketing system philosophy. It is therefore natural for the system to have the ability where a request can be placed, queued, prioritized and assigned. Clients can email their requests regarding a task, project or milestone through a unique email address. HipChat is notified every time a new request arrives in the task queue. After this message appears in a user’s HipChat room, it automatically becomes part of that user’s chat history where it can be viewed and reviewed as often as needed.

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More Colorful Calendar Notes

Previously, Intervals calendar notes were shaded either yellow for private notes and blue for public notes. However, as more and more notes are entered in the calendar, they become less distinct and distinguishable. The latest release now includes up to eight colors to address this issue. With more colors available, users can enter notes of different priorities, for instance. They can also use the different colors to identify notes involving different members of the team. Users can use these different colors in a variety of ways they can think of. The yellow color is not restricted anymore to a private note. Instead, private notes are recognizable by the padlock icon appearing in the right upper corner of the note.

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Getting More Organized

Intervals web-based project management software is continuously getting updated to help people get more organized and better equipped in managing every aspect of their project and business. As the hosted task, time and project tracking service of choice of many businesses around the world, it is committed to be a real tool that people can use to tackle their daily challenges. To know more about their latest news, visit their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or YouTube.

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