Intervals Launches New Modernistic User Interface

Intervals helps its customers track and organize their business. The application that launched in 2006 has helped countless design and creative teams all over the world to track and manage their work, so they can actually focus on helping their clients. A few months ago, they announced a UI redesign that they will introduce in phases. This July, they announced a new modernistic interface that will be the default for anyone new signing up. The modern design is also available to existing customers as a theme option.

New Interface with a Modern Look

Intervals customers have depended on the application for years in helping them track their projects, tasks, and time. However, everyone agreed, including the development team, that the interface looks dated in view of recent web design and technology development over the past years. After months of research, design and several rounds of testing with existing customers, the new modernistic look has been launched. The interface went through an overhaul of its visual components to have a modern look. But the redesign also included modifications in the functionality so as to reduce clutter but enhance the intuitiveness of the features.

Limited Color Palette

One of the components of the new modernistic look is a reduced color palette. Most of the interface elements are in greyscale. This enabled the design team to reintroduce color intentionally while sparingly, which easily draws the attention of users to the most current information. It also directs them to the most relevant actions they need to take. The right balance of greyscale and color now provides users a screen less straining to the eyes, yet noticeable enough in some parts for important information or one that requires action.

Flat Design

Intervals also adopted a flat design in their new interface, now more common in many web-based applications. Users have become familiar with web-based software, along with its buttons and forms. As a result, these design elements have become less pronounced and have taken a flatter look, while retaining their function.

New Icons

When the project management application launched 11 years ago, the icons were designed in-house. They have served their purpose, guiding the users with their visual information. And like the rest of the original interface, they have become dated. This time, however, icon design was handed over to experts, with the selection of FontAwesome as the icon and fonts library. This decision brought about the most noticeable impact for the new interface.

Reduced Visual Clutter

Intervals also took the redesign as an opportunity to refactor the project management application’s functionality and features. To reduce visual clutter on the screen, some features that were used less often have been demoted. Also, some features were grouped together as it made sense to visually consolidate them. The reduced clutter now provides users a cleaner interface where they can focus on information requiring more of their attention.

Experience the New Intervals

Intervals existing customers can load the new interface by going into their account, then go to Options, then Settings and Defaults. From there, they can select the Modernistic option from the list of themes. As mentioned, new users will have the modern interface by default. In the next phase of UI roll-out, it will be the mobile experience that will be overhauled. Streamlined tasks will be added to to-do lists. New infrastructure as well as a new beta mobile app are also in the works. For more information about the latest updates and other upcoming features, visit Intervals also on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIIn.

Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose is a subject matter expert and member of the writing team for and Bridge24. He has written hundreds of articles including project management software reviews, books reviews, training site reviews, and general articles related to the project management industry.