Intervals: Calendar Enhancements, QuickBooks Integration, UI Redesign

Intervals is a web-based project management application that was launched in 2006. Its unique combination of task management, time tracking and reporting features has made it easier for designers, developers and other service-based businesses to be more profitable. Enhancements are continuously done by introducing new features and improving usability. More recently, users now have a more interactive task calendar and can now copy an invoice directly to their QuickBooks account. Also, a new UI design is being rolled out as an optional theme.

Task Calendar Enhancements

Intervals introduced the task calendar in July 2016 to provide users a more visual representation of their task schedule. A few months ago, the task calendar was enhanced to become even more interactive. Now, users can simply drag and drop tasks, or slide their start or end dates to reschedule tasks. Sometimes, it is necessary to move tasks due to schedule changes or a shift in deadlines. Now, users can simply click on a task to grab it, then drag and drop it to another schedule. Both start and due dates are updated.

On the other hand, if the task simply needs to change its start or due date, users can slide the task. They can hover the mouse either to the left side for the start date, or the right side for the due date. Stretching out the task in the calendar is an easy way to reflect delays or change in deadlines.

Copy Invoice to QuickBooks Online

Intervals has a powerful invoicing feature that is seamlessly integrated with its time tracking feature. Thus, users are able to easily create detailed invoices and bill their clients. In December last year, it was announced that support for QuickBooks Online is now available. Users can now copy an invoice to their QuickBooks account. This eliminates the need for entering invoices twice.

If it is the user’s first time, he or she (as Administrator or Manager) will first be redirected to the integration page to authorize the connection. They should next click an invoice, then click QuickBooks icon in the upper right corner. A Help page is available for detailed instructions.

Modernizing the Intervals UI

At Intervals, they see criticism as an opportunity to grow. And they agree with some customers who feel that the current interface looks dated. So, early this year, they began the task of modernizing the user interface. The first redesign is a small but forward step with a focus on cleaning up the interface and improving some of the elements. It was decided that the new design will be introduced in phases.

A Cleaner, Crisper, Modern Look

At present, the coding for the new UI is focused on HTML and CSS. The layout is similar but the overall design now shows a clean, crisp and more modern look that is envisioned. For starters, the new UI will be introduced as an optional theme. Users can select it from the Settings & Defaults section. As time goes, a more complete UI redesign will be rolled out, with more intensive code work that improves workflows and interface responsiveness.

Listening, Helping, and Improving

Intervals today is used by creatives and other small businesses in over 100 countries around the world. Customer base continues to grow and they consider themselves fortunate to interact with their customers every day. They are committed to listen to customers, help them face challenges, and improve the project management application as often as needed. To know more about new features and other announcements, visit Intervals also on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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