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innovation pm handbook coverInnovation Project Management Handbook provides seven unique processes that help organizational leaders and decision makers improve outcomes and sustain project success. The handbook also provides a primer about innovation, and discusses methodologies that help organizations make timely and fact-based decisions on innovation opportunities. It provides a step-by-step guide for each type of innovation, as well as tools and strategies, templates and exercises in workbook format. Overall, it will help people identify, assess, decide and evaluate needs and opportunities to innovate as well as its benefit, and undertake projects that will lead to a new product, process or service.

Book Details

This first paperback edition was published in February 2016 by ivity Press (CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group). A Kindle edition is also available. It has 266 pages and is about 0.7 inch thick. The front cover displays the title at the upper right corner, with the authors’ names below it. The publisher’s logo is at the bottom right corner, with a background photo of a hand and sparkling cubes. ISBN-10: 1498725716; ISBN-13: 978-1492725712


$59.95 for the paperback edition and $56.96 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Innovation Project Management Handbook is for organizational leaders, business and project managers, and company decision makers. It can be used in any type of business or industry, whether creating or improving existing products, processes, technologies or services.

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Content, Approach, Style

Innovation Project Management Handbook is divided into 9 chapters. Chapter 1 is an introduction of the handbook, describing it as a revision of an earlier book co-authored by Dr. McLaughlin. It also provides a primer about innovation, focusing on the means of innovation and what the opportunity will accomplish rather than defining the concept. Chapter 2 discusses how to select a project for each type of innovation opportunity. Chapters 3 to 9 details a step-by-step guide for an appropriate implementation process depending on the identified innovation type, such as new products/services, new applications, a new approach and more.

The handbook contains many figures, tables and lists as learning aids. It also discusses different tools and strategies, templates, discussion questions and exercises. The language used contain business, organizational and operational terms and acronyms that are usually defined and understandable.

Why Buy the Book

For organizations and companies who are sincerely concerned and constantly assessing customer needs and innovation opportunities to create/improve products, processes, technologies or services, Innovation Project Management Handbook will help decision makers recognize and take advantage of the opportunities. They will also be able to transform these innovation opportunities into sustainable and successful projects through an agile and disciplined project management approach, ultimately delivering value to customers.

Books that Complement

Project Management ToolBox by Martinelli and Milosevic provides an updated set of PM tools, techniques, and procedures that help project professionals achieve goals and keep them aligned to the business.

Schibi and Lee’s Effective PM and BA Role Collaboration nicely rounds up these selection of recommended books that not only include processes and tools, but also people’s roles and their successful partnership for the project’s best interest.


dr greg mclaughlinDr. Gregory C. McLaughlin received his doctorate degree in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA. He also has a Master of Science degree in Statistics that he received from Florida State University. He is a Subject Matter Expert in Research, serving as core faculty member, and instrumental in creating an innovative dissertation process at Capella University. Dr. McLaughlin is also a managing partner at Innovation Processes and Solutions, LLC (IPS), a leader in developing innovation strategies and successful project results for businesses and organizations for government and private companies in various industries. He has helped organizations save millions of dollars as a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and has developed trademarked methodologies. He can also be reached through his LinkedIn page.

dr william kennedyDr. William R. Kennedy received his doctorate degree in Business Administration from Capella University. He also has a Master of Education degree in Secondary Education that he received from Grand Canyon University, Arizona, USA. He has co-authored two books and currently writing a new one to be published in July this year. Dr. Kennedy is the primary managing partner of IPS. He is a decorated US Air Force veteran, independent consultant and internationally renowned organizational leader. He has extensive background in aerospace, defense, and IT, program management, strategy and innovation development, logistics and supply chain, training program development and instruction. Dr. Kennedy can also be reached through his LinkedIn page.

$59.95 for the paperback edition and $56.96 for the Kindle edition


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