Innotas Updates: Workbench Update, Impact Analysis Release

innotas logoPlanview, a software development company – specializing in project management software, understands what it takes to be a successful organization. You need clear communication and a culture of accountability. Without proper forecasting, these are impossible goals. Innotas’, newley acquired by Planview, trademarked predictive portfolio analysis – needed for better planning. With its tools for IT and PM, this is the platform to strategically manage resources and collaborate between teams. For 5 years, they’ve won Gartner’s Magic Circle Award. With changes to the Workbench and a new Impact Analysis tool, the software development team at Innotas continues to improve this software.

1. Resource Workbench Update

The first thing you’ll notice are the changes to the look. Innotas improved the presentation of the Timesheet approval and Self-service administration. They also remodeled the system for permissions. This makes it easier to gather dates and generate reports. Finally, they made changes to the staffing predictions. Boost your ability to address needs of your highest value objectives. Efficiently asses hiring needs and fix bottlenecks.



2. Impact Analysis Release

Innotas’ Impact Analysis is a top down view of your entire portfolio. See all your resources, applications and projects as a network. Model changes and map them across the network. This one tool shifts PMOs and IT Managers from reactive to predictive. With improved impact statements, you’ll be better equipped to manage risks.




Organizational success hinges on efficient portfolio management. Innotas is an effective platform for strategic forecasting. Use the Impact Analysis to ensure changes align with your road map. Once you begin implementing changes, use the workbench to track progress. Innotas’ blog refers to these changes as “looking around the corner” planning. Use these tools to anticipate outcomes and achieve amazing results. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+.

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