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Overview Presentation

idonethis-logoiDoneThis is an incredibly simple yet useful application. It is a web-based software that reminds each member of a team to reply to an email at the end of each day regarding what they accomplished on that day. The next day, everyone receives a digest portraying what the team got done on the previous day. Despite being such a simple application, it is consistently used by some of the biggest organizations in the world.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Tactical Portfolio Supervision – iDoneThis allows its customers to precisely see their list of projects so that they can take decision about where to focus more or where to less. iDoneThis gives them a clear conception about monitoring and editing downstream personnel’s portfolio data, rank their projects, simulate their portfolio scenarios, and assess their capacity up to optimum level.
  • Functionality and Resource Management – iDoneThis also provides authentic project administration functionalities such as setting up deliverables, organizing everyday jobs, and maintaining costs of a project. It has resource management tools which supports various types of structures when assigning people on everyday jobs. iDonethis also has risk managing features which helps monitor project risks, characterize improvement, and locate contingencies and workflow. iDoneThis has tools to handle change requests and analyzes its impact using scenario replication.
  • Productive and Flexible Solution – iDoneThis software integrates well with MS Outlook by letting their customers to work openly from a well-known interface and still stay connected with the assigned responsibilities and team. iDoneThis team also has significant features to supply pre-defined reports and allocate them by email at a scheduled point. It has features like resource allocation supervision and timesheets for more efficient control and tracking.
  • Document Sharing and API Management – Task information is more precise when it is complete. As an online task collaboration appliance, documents and files can be stored and delivered to all members. However, iDoneThis provides file versioning to keep track of changes. Access rights are approved with quite a few degrees of permission, so it is completely protected. Customers may use whatever mobile gadget they may have: iOS, Android, or Windows Phone and even tablets. For picky functions, the API is also available for integration.

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iDoneThis is a highly configurable and customizable software, so pricing depends on how it is particularly fixed up for an individual’s or company’s unique requirements. Fees are usually paid monthly. It has normally three categories: Personal, Gold, and Business. Personal is free for all, Gold is $5 per month, where as Business costs $5/member per month. All in all, it is an extremely cost-effective software to enhance productivity.


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Target Market

iDoneThis is ideal for both small and big organizations. It helps management at big organizations working on several projects that fabricate a large amount of information, and requires an even greater amount of decision-making, to successfully supervise them all. Minor companies have some special necessities such as new product improvement, complex software extension, or public sector projects improvement, and can turn towards iDoneThis for enhanced productivity.

Supported Languages

iDoneThis is mostly English based, put provides support for other languages too on clients’ requests.

Some of their Clients

iDoneThis has garnered an impressive portfolio of clients. Some of the big names are Twitter, Uber, Mozilla, Reddit, Trip Advisor, Shopify, FourSquare, Code Academy, and Zappos.

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Andrew Miklas, CTO at Pagerduty, said that instead of holding meetings, he can easily get his desired output by seeing iDoneThis e-mails.

Chris Savage, CEO at Wistia, remarked that iDoneThis paves the way to show others what they are working on, and no other tool does this.

Mary-Heather Cogar, Vice President of Operations at Ravelry, stated that it is highly motivating to receive iDoneThis emails in the morning and reflecting on the achievements of the team.

Why iDoneThis

In July 2011, iDoneThis was renowned as one of the “20 Hot Silicon Valley Startups You Need To Watch” by Business insider, and in December 2011, The Next Web awarded iDoneThis as one of the “10 Best Productivity Apps of 2011” along with Evernote and Dropbox. Using iDoneThis’ mechanized features, analytical expertise and visual consumer experience not only lighten the load of updating the project sketch, but also supply project managers with precious real-time information. So with correct information and fewer distractions, they can focus more on better planning, implementation and collaboration. Moreover, iDoneThis is getting popular all over the world by gaining clients’ trust.

Company Info

iDoneThis was founded by Walter Chen, Rodrigo Guzman, and Jae Kwon in 2011 in San Francisco, California, USA. Amazingly, the company initially began as a weekend project to help one of the founders, Rodrigo Guzman, get back into shape. It worked, and helped them realize that tracking and sharing accomplishments everyday in turn inspired people to get more done.

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