Hub Planner Announces Exciting Features in Version 5.0

hub planner logoHub Planner has announced the launch of Hub Planner version 5.0. This is a Value Added Release to their Resource Management Platform software. The past few years have seen the application undergo several major revisions, and now, they have released another set of major features to take the software to a 5.0 version.

What’s New in this Release?

Hub Planner always strives to ensure that they include many nice updates and improvements whenever they undertake a major revision of their software framework. This time round, they have mainly focused on the creation of extensions, which are basically value added features. These extensions add more value to the service easily, making it possible to tailor the software to fit the unique requirements of your business. In this new release, they have included 4 extensions for the purpose of this launch. Some of these extensions are available for free, while the others are available at a charge.

New Feature: Approval Workflow

Majority of the users who use the Scheduling feature have also adopted the Timesheets extension. In this new release, they have beefed it up so as to allow users to have full control over the experience of time tracking from point A to point B. The process of Approval Workflow has also been built in a way that lets the user to have total control over the process of submitting time. Some of the actions that have been included in this workflow are Unlock/Lock Time, Unapproved/Approved Time and Rejected Time among several others. As a part of this process of approval, you will receive full management tool (under the time sheets) for managing the time of your team.


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Assigning Project Managers

Among the latest additions on Hub Planner is the ability to assign a resource of yours as a Project Manager, or even as many as your project may need. Project managers are accorded different rights and thus their sidebar is quite helpful to them since they are now able to filter down to those projects which they manage.


Optional Timesheets

In this new release, you can decide whether or not to make the use of Timesheets. They have made it an optional feature, because some of the clients require time tracking while others do not. Thus, if you just need the feature of base Resource Scheduling, you may choose not to use any of the features of the Timesheet. This is intended to ensure that you only pay for what you use.


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Custom Fields

Hub Planner has introduced this feature at the enterprise level, which is very powerful especially if it’s used together with the reports and terminology of your business. You can use the Custom Fields to ensure full control over all the Hub Planner metrics and customize them to suit your requirements.


Project/Resources View and Design Update

They have significantly improved the management side view. It is now quite different from static tables from the older versions of Hub Planner. In the new release, they now present Resources and Projects as Interactive Grid that makes filtering and searching very efficient through the user’s teams.

In addition, they have introduced a more cleaner design for the Settings page so as to ensure that it is easy to use even on smaller screens. This is also intended to make it easy for the user to reach their intended settings quickly.

Looking Forward

In the next release, Hub Planner will continue refining the feature set of the software. They listen carefully to all the feedback from clients. It’s important to note that they assign a higher priority to the paying clients, over those who request features but do not have an account. To learn more about the latest releases from Hub Planner, visit their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn account.

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