Hub Planner adds many new features and starts 2016 with a bang

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hub planner logoHub Planner is a state-of-the-art resource management, visual & planning scheduling software with powerful reports and timesheets that help companies all over the world plan their resources. The Sweden-based company seems to be having a great new year with the launch of many new handy features, some of which are listed below.

Get your report metrics within days

It’s now possible to switch on the report metrics with the help of the company’s latest launch-Hours/Days switch button. They still accept all information in hours and percentages as inputs; however, with this new feature, you can now change the numbers into days in your report metrics.


When it comes to the conversion of days, the system will use the resource’s daily capacity in a majority of calculations, but will have recourse to your average capacity each day in certain calculations which are focused on grand totals. If you want to set and attune your daily capacity, you can do so by visiting your account settings page.


My Dashboard

Hub Planner’s biggest update this year has been the introduction of an easy to use resource management region referred to as “My Dashboard.” This feature gives you a homepage to keep a tab on your schedule within Hub Planner. You can take a quick glance at the following information using this latest upgrade:

  • This week
  • Previous week
  • Coming week
  • The next 30 days

This way, you can easily find out the following:

  • Availability
  • Utilization
  • Your status that is overbooked

The “My Dashboard” feature is a new home that allows you to have an idea on the amount of reported time you have given towards events and projects.

Here is how the new dashboard looks like.


New Billing Rate Card

The billing rate card was previously far from being ideal. However, with the new card, you can determine rates in your firm.

Some examples in this regard would be as follows:

  • Intern- $0/hour
  • Freelancer (Jack)-$300/hour
  • Senior Rate-$250/hour

This makes the process of handling your rates much easier. Moreover, if you install the billing rates extension, it will provide greater flexibility.

Here is how the new extension looks like.



Full Screen Options and Great Header Design

An attractive visual and functional revision has been given to the header of both the Dashboard and the Scheduler besides a new header design. Here are some highlights of this update:

  • New fresh header design
  • Maximum full screen option
  • Show or hide sidebar option
  • Show or hide filter search option
  • Add quick menu


Initial Thumbnail

Hub Planner has added an Initial Thumbnail which displays the initials of the resource and not a placeholder image.


Link Picker

With the new Link Picker, you can add a maximum of 5 links for each resource and project. Pick icons from the icon picker and get your resource or project connected to third party links.


Hub Planner will be coming up with more updates that are already in the process of development. The above mentioned releases will help you in planning of your resource and project in addition to time tracking and business management.


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