How to keep your remote teams happy and stress free?

remote team happyRemote teams are usually more cost effective as they help you save on a lot of infrastructure costs. As a business owner one has to ensure that these teams work on-board in a stable and happy work environment. This is essential for building a team that stays together and delivers.

Treat Them Well

Keeping your team happy is not always simple. Since the team is away and the communication is limited the scope of having a one-on-one interaction with team members also becomes very limited. Sending encouragement and recognition over mail helps in keeping them motivated. Besides that, your remote teams must feel like they are an integral part of the company. They must not be made to feel like vendors providing a service. Treat them well and they will turn out to be great performers.

Promise a Career

It is not advisable to have task oriented approach while allocating work to your remote staff. Tasks are important, but they need to be inspired to achieve goals, benchmarks and performance. This should help them to grow in their career with the company. A growth path is an essential factor for motivation and happiness.

Training and Skill Development

Your remote teams need to be trained well so they can perform better. Efforts must be made to ensure that their skills get upgraded on a regular basis. They must be trained to use the appropriate online tools for better efficiency. A team that learns continuously, performs better and stays happy. Learning makes work interesting and does away with any sort of monotony at work.

Give Responsibility

Making your teams achieve their targets, on their own is essential to motivation. One should place trust in the remote workers for completing the assigned tasks as per defined standards.
The more responsibility, they learn to take, the more they grow as professionals. This enhances their happiness quotient and their work efficiency.


Performance based incentives and rewards are very important for getting your teams to do better. Rewards could be in the form of cash or kind. An incentive system helps your remote staff keep the performance up, on a continuous basis. This really adds to the positivity in the work environment.

Hire An Agency

Hiring remote teams must be done on the rolls of another agency. A suitable IT outsourcing company must be given the task of on-boarding the requisite team members. Before choosing such a vendor, one must verify about the work culture of the company. If your remote teams are getting a happy atmosphere, they will surely perform to the best of their abilities.

Balanced Reporting

Happiness at work comes from freedom to perform and achieve targets. The teams must not be overburdened with reporting formats and standards. These should be limited to just understand the periodic goal achievement. Daily reporting can put unnecessary pressure on teams and reduce their motivational level.


The right sort of remote team management strategy helps in building a great team that’s also happy, to work with you. The ideal way is to emphasize on goal achievement and create a transparent reward system.

Ved Raj

Ved Raj is a business enthusiast. He writes about startups, remote teams and outsourcing. He is working as a Marketing Manager with ValueCoders, a leading provider of remote development teams.

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