How To Improve Communication Between Your Team For Project Managers

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Communication within a team can be equated to a set of cogs in a clock. The cogs must work harmoniously, smoothly, and following shared technology to indicate the correct time. In the same measure, communication in a project that comprises several team members is the primary driver of positive change. It must be smooth, genuine, informative, bidirectional, and guided to facilitate achievement of a common goal. So, how can you improve communication in a team as a project manager? Keep reading to gather several actionable tips that will see your team achieve even more this year.

Encourage bidirectional questions

Skilled project managers understand that there are no stupid questions in a team effort. While working together, it is common for teammates to want clarifications, including asking questions that touch on the direction of a particular policy in the project. Likewise, project managers have a role to question decisions and directions taken by those under them in task execution. This form of bidirectional questioning between the two sides offers the much-needed force to accomplish goals and overcome common issues that arise due to miscommunication.

Use communication tools

In some cases, team members find it difficult to create time or have the means to meet physically and discuss issues affecting their project. This problem is quite prevalent in large projects where a numerous people are involved and therefore convening in a single place becomes tricky. In such a scenario, it helps to invest in effective tools and software that enhance communication and ultimately saves time. Some of the most popular tools you can consider include project management software like Asana and Trello, teleconferencing tools like Skype, time tracking software, and even CRMs and related tools like Hubspot Outlook integration.

Deliver feedback smartly

As a project manager, one of your main tasks involves constantly providing feedback to your team as described in this Huffington post article. To make your work easier and more effective, it is crucial that you document every communication in a clear and comprehensive fashion. This is particularly useful in situations where you want something that was done incorrectly to be fixed. Proper communication of feedback is key in enabling whoever messed up to figure out how best or effectively to rectify the problem. Remember, the parties involved are human and as such are not perfect. In a nutshell, master the art of constructive criticism.

Nurture your team members’ communication skills

Prior to starting a project, managers need to consider training their team members on how to communicate properly among themselves as well as with them. Imparting these skills helps to improve conversational skills and confidence – two aspects that are sure to improve chances of your team succeeding. In particular, focus on honing reporting and managerial skills which are known to impact the overall quality of a project.

Identify and support group leaders

As a project manager and the leader of a group of other experts, it’s important to acknowledge that you cannot handle everything by yourself. You need group leaders that oversee task execution in various departments. As discussed in this Forbes article,  a part of delegating the tasks and making teamwork more effective, consider communicating their identity to the rest of the team so that they can know who to report to first before approaching you. This promotes decentralization of problems which eventually saves time and makes goals easier to accomplish.

Organize team building activities

It helps to engage your teammates in informal activities occasionally. These can be team-building exercises that help foster friendships and relationships while also encouraging openness in a team. By participating in such events, emotions are nurtured and the bridge of fear of higher authorities shortened. The negative energy of fear is replaced with friendliness, respect, and admiration which boost morale in work execution. Moreover, your employees will view you as part of their larger family and as a result be more open to you.

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