How to Cope with a Panic Attack at Work

Marketing is a job that is not for the faint of heart. Whether you are a professional marketer or a seasoned business owner, finding customers is not an easy feat and is almost going to make you panic. So, before that happens, it’s good to know about some coping mechanisms that should help you cope with a panic attack at work.

Marketing is considered one of the most stressful jobs. One in four marketing professionals reports that they experience high-stress on a daily basis, according to research.

In fact, marketers spend three days or more in a week feeling stressed, which is equivalent to 80% of their total working time!

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Panic Marketing is Real

It’s been over a month since you launched your campaign. You checked your sales ‚Äì no significant increase. You checked your website ‚Äì fewer conversions. Now you’re feeling more concerned. Actually, it’s getting worse than that. You are PANICKING. You only have a few days left. You need to do something about it quickly. You tapped into your team. And the worrying continues. Now your entire department is in a panic mode.

If you’re anxiety levels are almost at a boiling point by now, think of this: you are not alone.

Did it make you feel better?

Hopefully it did.

But that’s not enough to stop the panicking.

Panic marketing is a common problem in many organizations. It happens when marketing teams constantly operate in a reactive state. Think of it as an emergency medical procedure. Time is your biggest enemy. If you don’t act soon enough, your patient could die. Even if you know there’s a big chance that the patient will not make it after the procedure. You still perform it. There are so many risks. But the only thing left to do is move forward, hoping for the best outcome.

Panic marketing has many different causes. Usually, it happens when the marketing team is not aligned. One is saying to stick to this strategy while others are working on a different campaign. Another reason is the lack of a high-level strategy to rally the different teams or departments around the marketing approach to be taken.

What happens when your marketing team panics?

Everyone ends up stressed.

If you never experienced a panic attack all your life, consider yourself lucky. Panicking gives you an intense feeling of fear or extreme nervousness. It makes your heart rate go up and you experience symptoms like shortness of breath, lightheadedness, shaking, sweating, and hot flashes. In short, you feel stressed out. Panic marketing puts everyone in your team under stress, which is not good for your organization. Stress makes you unproductive, inefficient, and less creative.

There’s inconsistency in your messaging

If your marketing team is constantly in a reactive state, it can be difficult to ensure cohesion in your strategies. As a result, your marketing messaging gets compromised.

You could miss your marketing goals

With all the chaos that panic marketing brings to your team, reaching your goals can be dire difficult. Not having a clear plan in place can sabotage your efforts lead to failure after failure.

So how do you cope with a panic attack at work?

First of all – breathe

If you are feeling overwhelmed or just came out of a tense meeting, a few minutes of deep breathing can restore your balance. Nothing good will happen when you are in a panic mode. Getting stressed out at work is normal and happens most of the time. However, stress that is persistent, irrational, and overwhelming impairs your ability to think and come up with great solutions.

Create a plan

The most successful marketing campaigns start with a solid plan. When creating one, some important things you should consider are the type or nature of your business, your customer profile or target market, and your competitors. You should also be specific about your goals. What is your main purpose for launching a campaign? Is it to introduce your product to a new market? Increase your website traffic? Get more people to subscribe to your mailing list?

When creating a marketing plan, outline the strategies you will do to reach your objectives. Next, set a budget. How much do you plan to spend on this specific marketing campaign? Planning can take some time. But once you’ve set the stage, you can start working feeling confident that you have all the information, tools, and resources you need to succeed.

Know your goals, mission, and vision

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, there are three important things you should know:

  • Where you are today. Be able to identify who your customers are, how your product can solve your customer problems or address their needs.
  • What you are doing now. Evaluate your current marketing approaches. What are the things you’ve done that are working? Is your website performing as it should? What types of campaigns give you the best results? Have you activated any campaign automations?
  • Where you are headed. Picture yourself 5 or 10 years from now. Where do you want to be? Marketing takes time and effort. And it all begins with knowing your business.

Learn to delegate and collaborate

Working on creative projects such as a marketing campaign takes a lot of creativity and hard work. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all. A great way to overcome stress at work is to learn how to delegate and collaborate.

  • Assign the right task to the right person. To ensure a good outcome, assign a certain task to someone who has the skills and knowledge to do it. Additionally, consider if it’s something that they will be interested in and will have the confidence to complete the task on their own.
  • Clarify the task. Don’t expect that the person who will handle the task knows exactly what you want them to do. Even if they have the skills or competence, you need to brief them and explain to them how you want the project to come along. While you don’t want to micromanage, you need to clarify things especially if there are any special instructions they should follow or certain steps they need to do.
  • Use collaboration tools. Online collaboration tools make it easy for your team to work together. It is not always effective and convenient to rely on email especially when you need to ask a quick question or ask for a real-time update. A collaboration tool has features like instant messaging, group chats, video conferencing, file sharing, and other things that make project management easy.

Automate your tasks

Modern marketing is complex and challenging. Too often, you need to combine several approaches for the best results. Marketing automation creates a web of connections between multiple channels – social media, content, performance, and email marketing (to name a few). On the surface, you might think that the biggest advantage of marketing automation is it saves you time. But actually, an all-in-one marketing platform ensures that your leads and generated, scored, and nurtured.

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With the help of marketing automation, you can send targeted emails and personalized messages in one go. Most platforms are equipped with data analytics to help you understand your market and align your marketing campaigns to their needs, interests, demographics, purchasing behaviors, and other relevant factors. All these enable you to focus on the quality of your campaigns, not just the quantity.

Be organized

Nothing gives marketers more panic attacks than missed deadlines. Being organized is one of the most important qualities of a marketer. Between keeping track of meetings, checking updates, managing correspondence with clients, and the million other tasks you need to do each day, figuring out an organizational strategy that fits you is a must. Check out these tips:

  • Switch to a cloud storage that you can access anytime, anywhere from different devices. Cloud platforms makes file sharing easy, making them extremely helpful for task delegation and collaboration.
  • Write a checklist of everything you need to do in a day. It doesn’t matter if you choose to do it on a notebook, on a time-tracking app, or your Google Calendar. Whatever works for you.
  • Create agendas and recaps. Note-taking is a skill that can help you stay organized and ensures that you don’t miss any important tasks.

Practice work-life balance

Any job can get stressful at times. It doesn’t matter whether you are a frontline employee or the chief executive ‚Äì if you don’t learn how to practice work-life balance, stress and anxiety can take a huge toll on your health and cause you to panic at even the minor problems. Striking the perfect balance between your career and family is challenging indeed and requires conscious efforts. Begin with taking care of your health. Hit the gym, eat well, get enough sleep, and savor time off. Engage in activities or hobbies that give you joy and avoid taking your work home. Find time for yourself despite your busy schedule.

Panicking does you no good. If you want to succeed in your career, consider these tips.

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